Sunday, June 17, 2012

15th Attempt At Blogging

So far I've written about:

1.) Not having anything to write about
2.) Having things to write about but in the grand scheme of things it just seems like I'm whining like a spoiled child
3.) Why I can't find a freaking hands free device that will fit in my tiny little ear canal without either flinging itself out, or being worse than water boarding (I've been waterboarded, so shut up) with them jabbing into your ears like daggers.
4.) No, I'm not going to blog about being waterboarded
5.) Being so unmotivated that I sit around for hours playing bejeweled and laugh a little too gleefully when the little butterflies get killed by the spider and made that high pitched noise
6.) The dead baby birds in a nest in my tree that I haven't removed yet because it's sorta like desecrating a shipwreck... or something
7.) Not having any time to write about anything or including a fabulously creative cartoon.
8.) Not having any time to cartoon anything regardless of whether I even have an idea for a cartoon, which I don't except at work and by the time I got home it's no longer funny, or never was to begin with.
9.) My short attention span
10.) Going to the rifle range and shooting my new AR-15, but not making it sound like I was auditioning for the next season of "Preppers... American Outliers"... frankly if there's enough of them to have (so far) 2 seasons of them.. not so outliery doncha think?
11.) The trials and tribulations of having your dogs get older... but that's too freaking depressing.
12.) how annoying it is that this iPad app I'm using doesn't scroll up when you get to the bottom of the page... if I wasn't in a blog funk I could make that a whole blog post in itself.
13.) The fact that I can't make a whole post about a stupid app that won't scroll up when I'm typing because I'm so unmotivated
14.) How I've been procrastinating on calling my mom, and then I actually dialed the number and she didn't answer and then I felt a moment of relief, and then worry because she doesn't have life alert and is probably laying on the kitchen floor screaming "I've fallen and can't get up"
15.) I bought a new bag and I really like it, but if I blog about every bag I've bought and really like, I'd have to change the name of the blog to "Everyday Tales of Bags I bought"