Sunday, November 18, 2012

Been A While

Yeah, yeah, I've got crazy things going on, so it has been a while, hasn't it?

We managed to survive Hurricane Sandy, as in: it didn't hit here, all we had is wind, rain, some rain, more wind, lost our power for 15 hours and managed to survive because we had propane and cookstove, and ground coffee.

Go here is you want to see the whole Sandy experience because that's where I cartoon now.  I'm not saying that I'll never cartoon here, but most likely it's over there, so just go over there.

Since I last wrote, I most likely bought about 3 new handbags and have only a small amount of shame about that.  I did send one off to a friend, so shut up.  I'm not going to tell you anything about the new bag because it is THE perfect bag (unlike all of those other perfect bags), this is THE one bag, I actually got it used on e-bay because they don't make them any more, and I'm not telling you have obsessively I searched every web site in the entire world (and do you like how I make that sound like I walked through the entire world looking for it when actually it was more like "google search... click, click, click, scroll, back, click click, scroll).

I'm not even going to post a picture of it, say its name, or hint at its total awesomeness, and a certain person who has one that caused me to fixate and hunt the world for it BETTER NOT SAY ANYTHING IN THE COMMENTS EITHER... because I don't want you to suffer like I did and wait for someone to post it on e-bay and then probably want it back... I suspect that I may have the previous owner stalking me at any time with that e-bay bag regret because I can't imagine how anyone could give something so awesome like that away.

Its maiden voyage was to the Gun Show, because nothing says swanky cool hand bag like a gun show.  It was a good test for it, because if I could still love it after carrying it around a gun show, then it was THE perfect bag, and yes, it is the perfect bag.

So the next thing on my list of things to find is long shirts.  I hate shirts that are short and apparently shirts are made for normally proportioned people, not those with long legs and long trunks (like elephants), so invariably I end up with a shirt that hangs a little above my belt line and threaten to reveal what some people call a "muffin top" but I think is more bagel if we were to equate flab to bread products.  I make no excuses for being blobby, other than the horrific Wii broken foot incident, which is a good reason not to exercise, in that if my bones are so brittle that jumping up and down doing Wii fit causes my foot to shatter in various places, then I should avoid that at all costs.  Or the fact that I bought a recumbent bicycle, but have found that leaning back while exercising makes it very easy to just sit on the bike, watch tv and eat cookies, or napping.  Likewise, laying down on the floor to do "crunches" is too much like sleeping on the floor, and usually leads me to just sleep on the floor.  So, no excuses, other than I want a shirt that is a little longer than "normal" shirts, which makes me hate shirt makers even more in that they think I'm not "normal".

I'm going to try shirts from this place, because they have funny commercials, and frankly, that's exactly what I look for when I'm making shirt purchases.  I'm also thinking of getting fire hose pants from them, because I like firemen.


The Thundering Herd said...

Duluth Trading has the best commercials, period. Some day I might actually buy something from them too.

I have no comment on the bag thing because, as a guy, it is written in our guy code that we are incapable of saying anything about a bag without sounding uncaring or, apparently worse, uninterested.

Painter Pack said...

I was just searching Duluth last night. My son is extremely tall and has found no shirt/pants combo that saves him from the plumber's problem in the commercial. So he is anxiously awaiting ME to purchase him a shirt so he can bend over without worry. I'll let ya know how that works out....