Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Robin Update

I watched Bully Robin fly the coop into the bush near the neighbor's yard.  I also located the two other fledglings: one is high up in a tree over my yard, the other is hanging out on the back part of our fence.

I took baby robin and plopped it back into the nest, where it seemed happy, but I don't know if the parents will feed it. 

As soon as everyone has left the nest (one way or the other) I'm removing the nest and putting freakin spikes up there so I don't have to deal with this another year!


Diane's "Jack the cat" said...

Yeah right, Penny!! The spikes will just help them anchor the nest in place!~ (like a reinforced earthquake proof condo!!)Is Loki hanging out below it with his mouth hanging open????

Jane Eagle said...

MAybe you just need a really big net under the branches...