Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Old Foreclosed House - Update

Yeah, yeah, I know, its been a while since I've updated my blog.  Frankly there's just so much stupidity going on that its overloaded my brain.  There just isn't enough time in the day to blog about all of it, it would be a full time job... if full time job meant sitting on my ass all day and blogging while shoving cheese doodles in my face and not getting paid.

So, here is the latest installment of "This Old Foreclosed House", because there's just oodles of stuff going on there.

First, let's all recall what the craptastic foreclosed house looked like for a few years while it went through the foreclosure process:

Through years of complaining to the Health Department, we finally got them to cover the half filled with crap and water mosquito swarmed inground pool wreck:

So... there it sat for a few years, with more phone calls, more complaining to the bank that owned it...

FINALLY, some work started getting done on it, but we're pretty sure they contracted out to the local "some guy who has a pickup truck and a screwdriver" to do the work because...

Some guy with a pickup truck and a screwdriver and some friends started dismantling the back addition to the house and throwing all of the debris into the pool.  When they were done throwing the back end of the house in the pool, they threw the vermin filled shed in the pool, broke up the concrete around the pool and threw it in the pool and then...
Yep, brought in fill dirt and started burying all of the junk.  They also left half of the rickety deck up... for some reason.  Sure, we called the health department about it, but by the time they showed up...
In ground pool?  What in ground pool, I have no idea what you're talking about... please note, the fence is gone now... 3 guesses on where it went.

Allrighty then.  It came as no surprise when this happened:
Which meant even more dirt on top and some straw, to make it very tasty:
There!  Nobody will know what kind of crap is buried under there, and lets rip off the siding while we're at it... yeah, that looks GREAT!

How about we build an extension to the rickety deck using 2x4s for supports with no supports at the back... yeah, that would be great!  We can also throw mis-matched gray siding to it, and as an added bonus, lets throw some of that gray siding over that window we boarded over... yeah, that looks GREAT!

There was a LOT of speculating and even some betting as to whether the deck was level.
 Hubby claimed it was all an optical illusion because of the way the boards were, and the darker crappy rotted wood of the old section... so I went over and checked.
Yep, its level... amazingly enough, its level.

So then... they started painting the gray siding white... I have no idea.
The part that really pisses me off... their "yard" looks better than mine
But at least I know that if I dig in my yard, I'm not going to unearth half a house, a shed, some fencing, concrete, insulation, drywall, mold and probably the body of a mobster.


Huffle Mawson said...

You do realise that they threw all that crap in the pool to cover the bodies, right?

Painter Pack said...

That's what we do in the south to get rid of bodies...bury them somewhere no one will look. But usually it's a trailer, not a house. And instead of bodies in a pool, it's probably gonna be underneath the "added on later so we can sit out in the heat, drink beer, and shoot guns" deck. Or the vegetable garden.