Friday, February 04, 2011

Sudafed Protocol

For the third day in a row I woke up with a cement block in my left sinus and an ice pick embedded in my left eye.  No amount of over the counter drugs hoarded in the house seemed to be making things better, so I did a silly thing and actually called for a doctor's appointment.  Lobsterman assured me that I would most likely get in a month from now... dead or alive.

Some masterful whining got me an appointment with some doctor at my usual clinic, not my usual doctor... but at that point I just wanted to see anyone that had a license to write a prescription, so in theory I could have just gone to any street corner in Baltimore, but Baltimore is such a hassle and you can never find parking.

Doctor appointment time came, and the guy pretty much told me I was out of luck.  I wasn't running a fever, therefore no infection, therefore no drugs.  He told me to suck it up, buy better over the counter drugs, and come back if I got worse.  Yep, and that's why I pay $350 a month for health insurance!

After I ripped his still beating heart out of his chest and showed it to him (ok, not really, but I did in my head), I ventured to the pharmacy for something stronger than what we currently had. 

This meant taking one of the little slips of paper with the picture of your drug of choice to the pharmacy, where they take your driver's license, run a back ground check on you, strip search and cavity check you, then tell you they only have the generic version of the "over the counter" drug of your choice.  FINE!  GIVE IT TO ME!

I bought the last bag of Cherry 3-muskateers, so this means that I can make cherry flavored meth in my bathtub had I not failed miserably at being a crack-ho (and yes, I know there's a difference between crack and meth, I didn't fail that miserably at being a crack-ho!)


Painter Pack said...

I don't know....I might enjoy a cavity search. LOL!!!

Huffle Mawson said...

Unbelievable. And they still won't give you Xanax?

The Thundering Herd said...

The hu-dad had to go through a TSA search today. Not sure which is worse.

burrdy said...

I don't understand the 'no fever-no infection' spiel doctors tend to spew. It's that very thinking that caused me to see four doctors. I had no fever, no sinus pain (I'll spare my actual symptom list). Bottom line? I had a raging staph infection in one sinus that had been going on for 6 months. Took multiple rounds of antibiotics to clear. Never had a fever, not once. Be well.