Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Old Foreclosed House - Do It Like This

There has been some "movement" on This Old Foreclosed House.

Lobsterman reported that this morning a very large dumpster was plopped down on the side of the house, and that a HUGE load of dirt was dumped in the driveway.

Then this cute little beast showed up.
Yes, that's a mini cat, which we thought would be used to fish all of the house innards out of the pool... but wait, they have something even more ingenious planned....
Hmm, look at all of this dirt... what could they possibly do with all of this dirt?
You guessed it!  They broke up the concrete AROUND the edge of the pool and tossed it into the pool, and now they are filling the debris with dirt.  As an added bonus, they also destroyed the red shed (where all of the vermin like to hang out) and threw that in the pool for good measure.

As  you may recall, the family that lived there prior to foreclosing had tried to use fill dirt to fill in the craptastic mosquito laden malaria ridden in ground pool, but were shut down because in our county its illegal to fill in an in ground pool by just dumping fill dirt into it.

Well, apparently nobody told the bank this.

This prompted a call to our friend the County Health Inspector, who I'm sure will be very interested in these developments. 

I gotta admit... their yard is a LOT bigger than I thought with all the crap covered up, but if I were you... I wouldn't try to plant any trees or anything in the yard, you may be digging up the whole back portion of the house.

P.S. They did cut down that stupid tree that kept leaning into our yard, so... whoot. 

P.P.S. They still haven't fixed the damage to our yard where the tree fell over.

P.P.P.S. They even touch our fence and someone's gonna get a size 8 duck boot placed in an uncomfortable area


Nessa, Nanook and Pooka said...


Every time I see movement on that property, (through your lens), I feel my blood pressure rising. It must be absolute torture to be you. Gah. Gah with bells on.

Painter Pack said...

You mean the bank has to follow the rules like the rest of us? Wow! Never thought about that! Hehe! I'm worried about where all the little critters will head to now that their shed is 6 feet under?


Huffle Mawson said...

It's a tractor! Um, that's what I call all machinery of that type.