Monday, May 31, 2010

Rolling Thunder

Hubby and I participated yesterday in Rolling Thunder. Although touted by the media as a "tribute to all veterans", the actual function of Rolling Thunder is to bring full accountability for POWs and MIAs of all wars, and reminding the government, the Media and the public that "We Will Not Forget".

We started our adventure at our chapter: Old Glory Harley Davidson where we volunteered to carry a flag (Washington State, since that's where hubby is from), and then sat around and waiting for the procession to begin. We would have a full police motorcycle escort from Old Glory down to the Pentagon, which is totally freakin cool. Anyone that has ever driven on 295 South knows what a nightmare it is, well, not with a police escort it isn't. All entrances to 295 were blocked for us by the various motorcycle police officers to ensure we had the whole road to ourselves. To those of you who were inconvenienced by this... suck it up.

We arrived at the Pentagon around 8:45 am, parked in one of the MASSIVE almost full parking lots there, and then proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait. The procession doesn't start until noon, so there was a lot of waiting, but to bide the time, there were also a lot of good vendors, relief agencies, educational booths, free water and crackers, vendors selling food (tasty foods), selling commemorative t-shirts and patches and all sorts of stuff. Plus, there was the camaraderie of a lot of good and decent people, with common interests, common beliefs, and good stories to pass the time. THANKFULLY there was also plenty of sunscreen, but sunscreen can only do so much. I have to say that the highlight of the waiting was the misting booths that the fire departments had set up, where you could walk into a tent and get gloriously cold mist sprayed on your entire body. AAAAH!

Go here for some pictures of the event and the actual ride.

There is also a great video out there that shows all stages of the ride.

Anyhoo, so we waited and waited and waited, and finally, around 2pm, it was our turn to head out into the streets of DC. Seeing the crowds of people lined up to watch, waving American flags, cheering, waving was awe inspiring and brought a tear to the eye. People on the sides would hold out their hands and riders would low five them (as the passenger, we did some of that, swooping in close enough to reach hands). Seeing the Army soldier and Marine standing in the middle of the road saluting is very touching as well. They stand there the entire time (the parade takes about 4 hours before all bikes make it through). The whole thing just flies by in a blur and much too soon, its over.

Most of the bikers parked in designated fields to stay and watch concerts or walk through the city. We bailed and headed back home as the pups had been locked up for longer than they normally are. Once we got some rest and sprayed sunburn relief stuff all over us, we went out to Rita's for some soothing custard.
It was very refreshing.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Companies Don't Really Suck

Remember, companies are run by people, not mindless automatons that were programmed by aliens to rule the world by making you work late on fridays.

They don't REALLY try to kill their employees, frankly they kinda try to avoid that, not because there aren't plenty of others out there to take your place, but there's all that nasty HR paperwork to deal with.

BP oil is doing everything they know how to do. Its not like they WANT gazillions of gallons of oil (that they could sell at $3.00 per gallon) spewing into the ocean. Frankly, if ANYONE else in the world knew how to stop this... wouldn't they be the total ass hats for not stepping up weeks ago and saying "um, excuse me..." Our Government is just proving that they can't actually DO anything. They could write a nice law forbidding the pipe to spew any more oil into the ocean or else they will fine the pipe and perhaps give it a jail sentence. They could also mark today as "no oil spewing in the ocean from a broken pipe" day, but neither of these things will actually stop the oil from spewing out of the ocean.

Oil spews from the ocean floor all the time... granted not THIS much, but it does, and yet people make it sound like BP is manufacturing the oil and dumping it into the ocean. Its like punching that little straw into a Capri Sun drink (Capri Sonne in every other country). The sticky, sweet juice-like substance comes spewing out and there's really no stopping it once its going, until eventually the little container is dry... which is probably when the oil from this broken pipe will stop. Using the same analogy, Capri Sun is also like a volcano, in that you have to hold the flimsy plastic container tightly in order to jab the straw in the tiny little hole, and thereby causing an eruption of sticky sweet juice-like substance that usually lands in your lap, which nobody believes when you tell them you didn't pee yourself, and no, nobody is going to taste it so you can prove it is a juice-like substance.

How many times are you going to make BP say that they'll pay for the clean up? Seriously? 50, 100, 1,000 times? By asking them each day or by saying each day "BP is paying for the clean up" are you trying to make sure they don't say "you know what, yesterday we said we'd pay for it, but today, not so much". Frankly if you keep asking them, I wouldn't blame them for saying "F you, just F you if you don't believe us, then fine, go F yourself".

Yes, they are in it for money... what else would they be in it for? Dorritos? Do you think companies exist for the greater good of man and nobody makes any money from it? Um, no, that's the whole reason for having a company: TO MAKE MONEY. Why else would anyone start a company if they weren't going to get anything out of it? Feeding all of mankind and curing all manner of disease are great and noble goals, but you can only do that for so long before you don't have any money and then you need someone to feed you. If there's no profit in feeding people then there's no grocery stores, no truckers, no harvesters, no farms, no FDA (although they're probably snorting meth and watching porn with the rest of the government oversight agencies), there's no nothing and no people because most people live in apartments and those "topsy turvey tomatoes only last so long, besides, eating too many raw tomatoes gives mouth sores and since curing all manner of disease is long past profitable and all pharmaceutical CEOs were burned at the stake, you'll be sitting in your apartment with painful tomato mouth sores until you die of starvation.

So, everyone vowing to boycott BP on your facebook page (and yet gassing up your car to cruise for the latest DVD that's also made from petroleum products, and watching that DVD on your petroleum product flat screen, while you kick up the petroleum product air conditioner that runs probably on some sort of percentage of petroleum product) are just a bunch of pansie wannabes. You want to boycott BP? Then give all of your belongings to charity and live under a bridge naked. You're "pledge" on Facebook is stupid... that is, those of you that are left on Facebook after all of the people who whine and bitch about the privacy settings of a FREE service leave. Oh whiney whine, I don't like this and will hold my breath until they change it even though I don't give one thin dime to the operating costs but somehow feel as though my opinion of their business model should be followed. SHUT UP and leave. Go whine about how twitter is free now.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Frappucinos with Vroomy Man

A while back I met hubby at Starbucks after he went on a long, relaxing motorcycle ride, leaving me home to cook, clean, and clear 40 acres with a paring knife.  Ok, fine, I was napping, shut up.

I was cruising through twitter and saw the news that Bret Michaels, front-man for the '80's group Poison, was on death's door and not expected to live.  I would just like to say that I have no idea how the guy signs his name to things.  My name is long enough, but I can't imagine trying to fit: Bret Michaels front man for the '80's group Poison on everything.

Anyhoo, I found an article that explains why BMFMFT80GP was on death's door.

Me: That lead singer for Poison is on death's door.
Vroomy Man: I thought he was dead already.
Me: no, not unless by dead already you meant like 15 minutes ago, which may be the case because this news item is an hour old.
Vroomy Man: no, like years ago
Me: you must have been thinking about his career
Vroomy Man: yeah probably.
Me: he had a subarachnoid hemorrhage
Vroomy Man: Well, those spider bites can be dangerous
Me: um, no... he's bleeding at the base of the brain
Vroomy Man: well, I'd be more worried that the spider laid eggs there

Sunday, May 16, 2010

General Rambling

Listening to a Talking Heads song "Stay Up Late", David Byrne mentions "cute as a button". I wondered where that came from and just what the hell does it mean.

So, I looked it up on the inter webs. WikiAnswers thinks it came from some moron that was talking about a button quail, and then showed me a picture of a penis. Ok, it didn't, but apparently the Wiki is having all sorts of issues where contributors (meaning anyone with half a brain, or no brain at all) can provide content that other people (meaning anyone with no brain) actually take as gospel. You can go look that whole fiasco up on your own, as the iPad blogger interface I have is incapable of allowing me to link interesting stuff in my post, and I'm generally way too lazy to fix it in "post production" meaning: after I hit a button and upload it. I hope they fix that soon.

Back to the whole button conundrum. Another reputable (because they said so) place said it was a saying about an actual button, because buttons are cute. Of course, their opinion may be a bit jaded as that explanation came from the button fetish site.

Since nobody really knows where it came from or what it really means, I think we should stop saying it, because it could actually be some kind of code word used to revive brain eating zombies, and the next person you say that to could leap up and rip your skull off. I'm just saying. Don't blame me if you get your skull ripped off.

There's a new iPhone application out that lets you find sex offenders for free. Thank gawd, because whenever I needed a good sex offender, I got tired of paying for the application to find them. You can never find a good sex offender when you need one.

Lastly, I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "LA Story", and if you haven't, you should. Its pretty stupid, but it mocks LA and from what I hear, it mocks it pretty well. There's a part where a traffic sign writes to Steve Martin's character and tells him things to do, once again proving that everyone can get Xanax but me.

Anyhoo, on the way to our usual Starbucks there is one of those solar powered information signs on the side of the road. I'm thinking that either its got issues, or the person typing in what it needs to say has issues because its never... really.... normal.

One day it said TERROR, then gave a 1-800 number. Just one screen that said TERROR, next screen 1-800 number. Hmm. Is it telling me that around the curve there is terror, and I should dial that number. Is it telling me that if I want some terror, I should call the 800 number, or if I see some terror to call the 800 number. I'm thinking that if I actually saw some terror I would probably dial 911, because years of constant bombardment of the number has me trained to dial it for things like terror. I couldn't possibly memorize the quickly flashing and long 800 number while I drove (let alone write it down, because if I can't dial my damn phone and drive without getting a ticket, I'm pretty sure dragging out a piece of paper and pen to write down an 800 number is right up there with a fine), but I wonder if I actually did dial 911 and reported terror, would I be told to dial the 800 number, or do they have the capability to just forward me to the 800 number. These things concern me, as I always like to be prepared for terror, and know what number to call if I see it, or want to order some.

Yesterday the sign said something different, leading me to believe that terror was gone, so I could relax. This time it said: Click it, or... highly enforced. Hmm, no clue there.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Frappucinos with Lobsterman

Recently hubby went on a motorcycle ride to escort World War II veterans to the war memorial (his group does it every time there's a flight of veterans).  It was hot and sunny.  He didn't (as usual) put on any sun screen.  We later met for Starbucks (as usual).  Here is that conversation.
Me: You got a bit of sun today, I see.
Hubby: yes
Me: Probably should have put on some sun screen.
Hubby: ya think?
Me: that's gonna hurt tonight, guess I can expect you to scream like a little girl every time I roll over and bump into you.
Hubby: yes, but I don't scream like a little girl
Me: right
Me: oh crap, I've stepped in some dog poo, give me your straw so I can scrape it off
Hubby: use your own straw, its right in front of you.  Besides, I'm going to use mine to dribble cold frap onto my blistering skin

Married life quality time.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sh*t That Don't Work

The kitchen sink has been around forever, like since the 1920's and are you telling me in all that time NOBODY has ever invented a freakin kitchen sink plug that actually PLUGS????

The crap plugs they come with are a joke, I mean seriously, do they actually think they can give you something that never screws in right, drains the water if its not just perfectly set in there, and by the time you get the freakin thing in there you're so pissed off  especially after finding out that all that fidgeting and messing around STILL DIDN'T GET THE THING TO PLUG UP THE FREAKIN SINK!
Yeah, so apparently adding additional holes in the sink doesn't help either, but it does feel good.

Please note: no sinks were harmed in the making of this blog post, nor would I waste perfectly good ammo on a sink.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Take the Challenge

I was a bit horrified when I saw the latest Activia commercial where Jamie Lee (this is the only gig I can get) Curtis is asking people to send in their videos about their experience with Activia (the poop yogurt).

The actual commercial aired one viewer's video, and thankfully it was pretty stupid.  I totally expected something like this:

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Chocolate and Depression

I read an article that said that chocolate causes depression.

The only depression chocolate will cause is the one on your face in the shape of my fist if you try to take it away from me.