Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Morons In The News

I have to say that I'm totally disgusted by all of the attention being given to morons in the news lately. I'm sure you've all heard the story of the disgruntled male stewardess (I'm sick of being politically correct... as if I ever was politically correct, and will refer to them as stewardesses if I want and all of you have to respect my diversity) who threw a huge hissy because someone got up before the plane came to a complete stop (like that NEVER happens).

Instead of DOING HIS JOB, he felt he had enough and proceeded to curse out this person on the intercom thing for the entire plane-load of people to hear (men, women, and children), then steal two beers, open up a door and slide down the emergency slide. For this 3-year old temper tantrum, the media and a lot of people are calling him a hero. I even heard a news source say that he's just as much of a hero as Captain Sullenberger. Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

I'm guessing that his little tirade caused a plane full of people to think that perhaps a crazy person was about to kill them. Nothing like being locked and trapped in a large metal tube with a bunch of people while someone screams at you. I'm also pretty sure that the airline didn't just roll up that emergency slide and shove it back into the door. Pretty sure that costs some dough, like the gazillion dollar air bags in cars. Then the plane full of people had to deal with the delay when the cops were called, and their statements taken, and evidence collected, and all they wanted to do was get home or enjoy the start of their vacation... ruined by a moron.

Oh sure, we've all wanted to do crazy things when we quit our jobs. I've even said that if I win the lottery I was going to quit, then poop on my boss' desk. Who am I kidding! I'm going to be filthy rich, I wouldn't dare poop on my boss' desk... I'd hire someone to do it.

Wanted: someone to poop on my boss' desk. Must be able to poop on command. Activia eaters need not apply.

Ok, I wouldn't pay someone to poop on my boss' desk either. Why? Because I was raised to be a decent, law abiding citizen. I realize that I can get another job if my boss is a dick (or dickess), or if my job sucks, or whatever. I have free will and I also have respect for people, even if those people are morons and treat me like crap. If I treat them like crap (or crap on their desk) then I'm no better than they are and deserve to be treated like crap or even crapped on.

Our society is now full of people that think that respect is just given to you, like showing up for a ball game gets you a trophy no matter how crappy you play the game and no matter how bad you lose... if they are even keeping score. People think that they just have to show up to work to get a paycheck, but actually doing some work is above and beyond. They also see morons and idiots getting their own reality shows for acting like morons and being placed on pedestals, wined and dined, appearing on awards shows, and getting freebies. We watch shows like Survivor where the contestant who screws over everyone else wins. We are teaching the youth of today to be the assholes of tomorrow... and we wonder why our society has gone to hell, in a pretty hand basket.

You can probably tell I still can't get any Xanax.

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Lynn said...

Ditto! (Except the part about Xanax!)

Huffle Mawson said...

Hear hear!