Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday With Lobsterman

As usual, hubby went on a motorcycle ride with his "gang".  I stayed at home in the air conditioning because I smooshed my finger with a sledge hammer... ok, that wouldn't have kept me from riding on the back of the bike, the 900 degree heat did have more to do with it.

Me: I see that SPF 8,000 didn't help out any today
Lobsterman: no, not really, now stop talking and spray something on this
Me: I need you to move out on the deck
Lobsterman: why the deck, its cool in here
Me: well, you're close to the smoke detector and I'm concerned your crackly skin is going to set it off
Lobsterman: shut up and spray... is that Pam, the no-stick cooking spray? 
Me: well, you are medium-well, and its olive oil, its suppose to be good for the skin

1 comment:

Huffle Mawson said...

Maybe Lobsterman should consider wearing long sleeves, you know, to be cool and tough. And not burnt.