Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Companies Don't Really Suck

Remember, companies are run by people, not mindless automatons that were programmed by aliens to rule the world by making you work late on fridays.

They don't REALLY try to kill their employees, frankly they kinda try to avoid that, not because there aren't plenty of others out there to take your place, but there's all that nasty HR paperwork to deal with.

BP oil is doing everything they know how to do. Its not like they WANT gazillions of gallons of oil (that they could sell at $3.00 per gallon) spewing into the ocean. Frankly, if ANYONE else in the world knew how to stop this... wouldn't they be the total ass hats for not stepping up weeks ago and saying "um, excuse me..." Our Government is just proving that they can't actually DO anything. They could write a nice law forbidding the pipe to spew any more oil into the ocean or else they will fine the pipe and perhaps give it a jail sentence. They could also mark today as "no oil spewing in the ocean from a broken pipe" day, but neither of these things will actually stop the oil from spewing out of the ocean.

Oil spews from the ocean floor all the time... granted not THIS much, but it does, and yet people make it sound like BP is manufacturing the oil and dumping it into the ocean. Its like punching that little straw into a Capri Sun drink (Capri Sonne in every other country). The sticky, sweet juice-like substance comes spewing out and there's really no stopping it once its going, until eventually the little container is dry... which is probably when the oil from this broken pipe will stop. Using the same analogy, Capri Sun is also like a volcano, in that you have to hold the flimsy plastic container tightly in order to jab the straw in the tiny little hole, and thereby causing an eruption of sticky sweet juice-like substance that usually lands in your lap, which nobody believes when you tell them you didn't pee yourself, and no, nobody is going to taste it so you can prove it is a juice-like substance.

How many times are you going to make BP say that they'll pay for the clean up? Seriously? 50, 100, 1,000 times? By asking them each day or by saying each day "BP is paying for the clean up" are you trying to make sure they don't say "you know what, yesterday we said we'd pay for it, but today, not so much". Frankly if you keep asking them, I wouldn't blame them for saying "F you, just F you if you don't believe us, then fine, go F yourself".

Yes, they are in it for money... what else would they be in it for? Dorritos? Do you think companies exist for the greater good of man and nobody makes any money from it? Um, no, that's the whole reason for having a company: TO MAKE MONEY. Why else would anyone start a company if they weren't going to get anything out of it? Feeding all of mankind and curing all manner of disease are great and noble goals, but you can only do that for so long before you don't have any money and then you need someone to feed you. If there's no profit in feeding people then there's no grocery stores, no truckers, no harvesters, no farms, no FDA (although they're probably snorting meth and watching porn with the rest of the government oversight agencies), there's no nothing and no people because most people live in apartments and those "topsy turvey tomatoes only last so long, besides, eating too many raw tomatoes gives mouth sores and since curing all manner of disease is long past profitable and all pharmaceutical CEOs were burned at the stake, you'll be sitting in your apartment with painful tomato mouth sores until you die of starvation.

So, everyone vowing to boycott BP on your facebook page (and yet gassing up your car to cruise for the latest DVD that's also made from petroleum products, and watching that DVD on your petroleum product flat screen, while you kick up the petroleum product air conditioner that runs probably on some sort of percentage of petroleum product) are just a bunch of pansie wannabes. You want to boycott BP? Then give all of your belongings to charity and live under a bridge naked. You're "pledge" on Facebook is stupid... that is, those of you that are left on Facebook after all of the people who whine and bitch about the privacy settings of a FREE service leave. Oh whiney whine, I don't like this and will hold my breath until they change it even though I don't give one thin dime to the operating costs but somehow feel as though my opinion of their business model should be followed. SHUT UP and leave. Go whine about how twitter is free now.

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Leonard said...

BP's safety record is 100s of times worse than any other oil company in the USA - they have killed and injured hundreds of employees

they were behind the 1953 coup in Iran and have done many horrible things before and since.

Leonard said...

The original tea party dumped a British Company's tea in the harbor because that company was screwing them - exactly what BP is and is doing again.

Shmoo said...

Leonard, seriously? Have you been snorting too much tea or are our schools now teaching that the Boston Tea Party was brought about by a company screwing people and NOT that the British Government was taxing the colonists into the poor house.

I highly suggest that you stop buying any company's goods, such as your computer, internet, house, food, etc. You'll feel better about yourself instead of just complaining about evil companies.

Leonard said...

the tea belonged to the British East India Company - look it up - a private company that was granted a monopoly on Colonial Tea sales - even with the tax, the tea they dumped was lower priced than before

you can also look up BPs role in the coup

It is companies like BP that need to be reigned in
and not glorified and all tools at our disposal need to be used to that effect

Shmoo said...

I feel sorry for you Leonard


It's not about BP paying for the damage they have done. It's "whining" about what they didn't do to prevent it in the first place and the fact that having their eye on the profit you so lovingly mention is the reason why they didn't do anything to prevent it. Of course they must pay, that's a given and we aren't whining about them having to pay. The damage that has been done can not ever be calcualted in monetary terms any way. Protesting by boycotting BP and hopefully destroying this company in its entriety is a way of showing ALL oil companies that they better get their house in order in terms of safety and environmental awareness. It is also a catalyst toward energy reform toward sustainable energy sources so that we don't rely on this disgusting, stupid energy source. You are the pansy wannabe, who has no foresight nor empathy toward a global issue that will not only effect you but your children and generations to come. Wake up and wipe the scales from your eyes. Or just "whine" on a blog such as this one. The irony of that didn't escape me.

Shmoo said...

You are absolutely right Cattleprod. I should be blogging about more important issues, such as flavored oral desensitizers... oh wait, you already did that. Bless your contribution to society! I guess your opinion on a sex aid is more important than my OPINION, which is MY opinion, but people like you just HAVE to denigrate and mock the opinions of those who don't share YOUR opinion. Please note, I could have left a snarky comment on your blog, but I (amazingly enough) respect your opinion on flavored oral desensitizers and don't feel compelled to argue my own opinion on such an important topic.

Leonard said...

Shmoo - I should have said that you made some good points in your first comment because you did.

Sad that you are now just being smug and rude.

BP = Criminal Negligence


Shmoo said...

Leonard, I was being serious about feeling sorry for you. That you were taught and/or truly believe that the colonists rebelled because of corporate greed and not from government tyranny will only mean that the government will continue to use you to destroy the country.

I do appreciate how you've now managed to infer that you are now the victim of my bullying in an inconsequential blog post expressing the views of one individual and has absolutely no importance to world events or will ever change the mind of anyone anywhere in the world. Is it ok if I goof on Kate minus 1 plus 8's hair looking like a marmoset? I wouldn't want a comment battle brewing about that next.

Leonard said...

shmoo - you flatter your self to think I feel bullied by you - I was really commenting on the absurd things you said to cattleprod - I hope you aren't too distraught feeling sorry for me - poor thing

History has shown over and over that one person can make a difference. Oil production has peaked or we wouldn't go to such desperate lengths to find more a mile or more under the ocean - we need to start making stuff some other way.

Keep your dream of Government bad Big Money good - you may find yourself in a nightmare one of these days - amazing you don't get the reality of the root of all evil through the ages

You certainly seem right about talking to you being a waste so adios.

Shmoo said...

Leonard, In case you hadn't noticed, we're already in a nightmare, and its called progressives AKA liberal government.

I really want to say something absurdly controversial, just to see if your really have stopped reading and unlike other proggies, just HAVE to have the last word, but I won't.

Oh, nice touch with the "adios", in the U.S. we say "good-bye" (bet you can't let that one go without a snarky retort)... see, I just can't help myself :)

Huffle Mawson said...


Leonard said...

Nothing snarky but someone on the Facebook Boycott BP site answered your basic premise so well I had to share:

I'm guilty because I don't know to get off the grid and out of the matrix.. I'm guilty because clean energy technology has been suppressed and made unaffordable. I'm guilty because I can't get my hands on that car that runs on air and water. I'm guilty because the whole infra-structure has been designed to keep us dependent on an oil fix that is killing the planet. I'm guilty because they have made the cost of a solar hot water heater prohibitive. I;m guilty because great scientists who have the answers disappear in the night.
Don't want to take out the town heroin dealer who's tainted product is killing people. If he's gone, where we get our next fix? Where will the kid's jobs go?
You see, they have us all wrapped up...and yes, we're guilty because we fell for it hook, line and sinker.
As far as protesting BP goes, BP is a symbol of the whole dirty mess of what corporatism, and yes, what we have become. And less symbolic, BP made horrible choices and took unthinkable risks for mo money. These very bad choices and risks have killed the Gulf of Mexico and maybe SE America. NOTHING is worth this.

The progressives have not yet had the chance to do much - the current nightmare is the result of so-called Bush/Chaney/Reagan conservatism

Let me say it in English Goodbye

Shmoo said...

Leonard! Welcome back, I just knew you couldn't stay away! The facebook thing is kinda interesting. Interesting in that the person writing it is full of excuses as to why they are a slave to Govt and big corporations. There are actually plenty of people that have given up the trappings of society, live on farms, are self sufficient... take the Amish for example! No electricity, horse drawn carriages, they build their own houses and barns. They seem to have figured out how to get "off the grid" and use natural transportation (horse and buggy). Perhaps you should suggest that your facebook "friend" convert to Amish.

Love the Blame Bush/Cheney dig at the end, I also blame Bush for menstrual cramps and a hangnail that is annoying. Instead of cursing, now I yell BUSH CHENEY!!! Because they are responsible for EVERYTHING that goes wrong... even things that go wrong well after they've left office. I'm sure they're like the Wizard of Oz, pulling levers to cause major catastrophes just to make the current administration look bad. You should totally post that on facebook!

HR Human said...

Leonard, I am curious what you think the federal government can now do to solve this "oil spewing" problem.

I'm not interested in finding out what you think the federal government should have done prior to this. The reality is that the "oil spew" is happening now. So it needs to be solved now.

the bacman said...

Great thread here but it's missing a few facts.

First off despite what many think about oil it is a natural resource that - when it comes to cost to energy ratio - far exceeds anything currently known. Except for nuclear power which I won't even touch because - despite it's safe development and use overseas, folks like you stopped our nuclear power research years ago. We could have a safe productive delivery of such power - and now even the founder of Green Peace admits that they were wrong to force the government to stop building such plants.

You say you want to stop using it because it is a pollutant. Ok, but what alternatives do you give? Solar? That's a good one. But you say that it's cost prohibitive? This is true. But it is also a fallacy that it can come even close to producing even a significant fraction of the power of oil. And by all means lets not get into the details of how solar panels are produced, and what it takes to turn sand into glass - a little thing called fire. So what you are really advocating is that we stop burning oil in mass quantities and begin burning sand. Sure, there is a lot of it and we certainly have the open space here in this country to lay out thousands of square miles to put up solar farms, but then there is the infrastructure. We need power lines to carry the "free" solar power to your doorstep. Those power lines are typically made of precious metals (such as copper) which also have to be melted (pesky fire again). But more importantly, those metals have to be stripped from the earth. But Ill just stop there with that example.

What about Wind? Well the same problem with the cost (in environment and manufacturing) of production arises - and then there was Teddy Kennedy who railed against oil companies (while his family was one of this Nations biggest investors) and at the same time continually argued against their use in his home state because it would destroy his beloved view from his beloved sailboat. Can you say hypocrisy in both parties?

What about Hydro? Well a few years ago our government had some great hydro power projects out west. But they had to put an end to those because environmentalists complained that building dams was prohibitive of the spawning practices of migratory fish.

So I have covered all the "free" solutions Air, Wind, Sun and Fire. What's left? Also note that I use the term "free" in quotes because the folks who want to use these sources don't want to pay for the actual manufacturing costs of the equipment to make use of products which have been deemed (currently) to be environmentally safe. And before you spout off that your are willing to pay - but just don't want to overpay - I suggest you start a company and see just exactly what the cost of business is. The fed taxes the hell out of you, your employees want a pesky thing called a salary and the unions demand they get pay raises each year. They also demand paid vacation, sick, health, and a whole other slew of benefits. So for every employ making tens of thousands per year in salary - it costs you the employer factors over that to cover just what the industry calls "total compensation". And that doesn't even begin to cover the cost of building factories or infrastructure (which typically come from loans, or bonds which must be paid back with interest). And what about your investors? Everyone company has them. And every investor wants profits. Unless of course you are among the few who doesn't want to see your savings grow. How exactly does your savings grow? Do you understand simple economics? If not then I can't even continue on that topic.

the bacman said...


So what ARE we doing to address the problem?

Well we are now producing cars which begin to answer the oil problem by using hybrid power. So they only use a little oil - but no one is yet talking about how we are going to dispose of those millions of batteries in a few years when they die and have to be replaced. There is one big EPA action coming when we start to realize just how dangerous those puppies are. You do know that you cant even throw away household batteries in your trash right? There are laws against that. It's because their harmful to the environment you know.

We are producing small solar powered units, but most folks who use them are utterly disappointed at the return on investment. It simply doesn't come close to what their good old coal or oil burning power producers can do for them.

Some places are turning to burning their trash and producing redistrubuted power from that. Great re-cycling idea - but that pesky environmental problem again, all that burning.

I'm all for folks having their say, but simply attacking the low hanging fruit without thinking about the long term consequences of your recommendation isn't the answer either. We already have an organization in this country which excels at that and the results are horrendous. They are called the US Congress.

This is in no way to say that folks shouldn't do their part. But the problem here is that we really have to think logically about what we are suggesting if we really want to improve things.

The down side to this line of thinking of course is that it is purely socialistic. You see, in order to make everything better for everyone, you are going to have to force people to change their thinking and their habits. Every cause, every single one, is after all, for the good of all, and there is no room for dissent from these positions and so everyone must be made to comply.

This is contrary to a free society in which sometimes, you have to allow people make bad mistakes and then pay for those mistakes.

This is why our founding fathers structured a government that was specifically limited in what it could do for the people. Because they completely understood what becomes of governing bodies when they try to do everything for the people. Every single one of them in all of history has failed. This is why our Constitution lays out specifically the responsibilities and restrictions of the Fed and reserves all other concerns to the state or the citizenry.

In the end, it's up to the people to do what they individually believe is correct. Otherwise you have must relinquish complete control to a single authority - and while it may be for the greater good ... something about the road to hell.

Leonard said...

Bacman - you have many great points but when the constitution was written one signature allowing offshore drilling could not endanger a big chunk of the planet. Times have changed. Is the Constitution protecting Gulf fishermen right now? BP isn't. Exxon never cleaned up all of the Valdez spill and it's tiny compared to this. They got out of paying all sorts of damages too constitutionally.

We have known oil dependance was dangerous to our country for over 50 years. If the resources to find a better way to do things were used we would have found a better way. We can still do it maybe if it is the will of the people. Hell is already visiting the Gulf and no telling how far it will spread.

Have some faith in good and work for it. The Government for and by the people can be great if we watch it close. The constitution says that.

Our only hope is us and our enemy is those individuals and groups hoarding our money and stealing our resources and using money for perverting power to their own gain. Generalizations don't cut it if you are drowning in oil. Government is needed. The founding fathers knew that - they did not put unlimited power into the hands of one or a few. Too big to fail corporations were definitely not who they wanted to run the planet.

Anonymous said...

If the government wouldn't quit doing (unconstitional) things that favor one constituent over another (think income redistribution, laws requiring purchase of specific light bulbs, etc), no one would have any more favor or advantage over anyone else - corporation or citizen. That is the only way to avoid "too big to fail" and other situations that many claim are bad.

It took 10 months to stop the Mexican oil leak in 1979-1980. Bet you didn't hear about that one. First, it was Mexico and second, the media wasn't taking every opportunity to bash the company doing it.

I'm not saying BP isn't at fault, but accidents DO happen.

Leonard said...

Anonymous - I know about 1979 Mexico - did you know BP has another leak right now in the Alaska pipeline and a spill in Singapore?

I think themainstream media has been fairly generous to BP or they would be being lynched for long term willful negligence. Accidents happen when a drunk driver kills someone too don't they?

Some of the issues of constitutionality from you may be valid but it is still, at this point a personal opinion. What do you think of the Trillions of US dollars that have been given to oil companies and the trillions of dollars worth of public resources given to these and mineral companies etc.?

We would not need taxes if we charged what our resources were worth instead of the sweetheart deals that the industrial giants get. I don't get why Tea Party-ers and Republicans think the rich should get so much favor?

Josie said...

The fault of that oil spill belongs to every man, woman and child that uses oil. BP was only supplying a demand when they drilled that well. We want more oil but just get it from third world countries where no one complains and we'll look the other way when a disaster happens. Leonard, unless you live like a caveman in a cave, don't point the finger. I've seen your protest groups, after the protest when they think no one is looking. They all jump into their gas guzzling SUVs. Leonard you are a hypocrate.