Friday, May 14, 2010

Frappucinos with Lobsterman

Recently hubby went on a motorcycle ride to escort World War II veterans to the war memorial (his group does it every time there's a flight of veterans).  It was hot and sunny.  He didn't (as usual) put on any sun screen.  We later met for Starbucks (as usual).  Here is that conversation.
Me: You got a bit of sun today, I see.
Hubby: yes
Me: Probably should have put on some sun screen.
Hubby: ya think?
Me: that's gonna hurt tonight, guess I can expect you to scream like a little girl every time I roll over and bump into you.
Hubby: yes, but I don't scream like a little girl
Me: right
Me: oh crap, I've stepped in some dog poo, give me your straw so I can scrape it off
Hubby: use your own straw, its right in front of you.  Besides, I'm going to use mine to dribble cold frap onto my blistering skin

Married life quality time.


BADASmusher said...

HAHAHA That's what I looked like after last Saturday! no I am peeling and it itches!!!

Huffle Mawson said...

Sounds like how a conversation would go in this house.