Monday, April 05, 2010

Spambots & Just Plain Spampeople

I love it when I bash something, and the spambots and salespeople start leaving comments to defend their crap.

Apparently my rant on Xylitol in Dilly Bars brought out such a person by the moniker: Musashi. He (I'm assuming from his profile) made this comment:

"Xylitol is harmful (not always deadly) to dogs because they digest things differently. In the same sense a dog can scavenge off an animal on the side of the freeway, but if a human were to consume that very same 'meal' then it wouldn't turn out so well either. Dogs go into hypoglycemic shock if they consume too much Xylitol as their livers aren't made to process sugar alcohols. Xylitol has been consumed in Europe since the 1940's and continues to grow in its popularity predominantly due to its dental benefits. More info is available at (deleted because it leads to a stupid site that wants you to buy Xylitol toothpaste)."

Musashi follows someone by the name of Dr. Ellie, who does nothing but shill a Xylitol-based tooth whitener. He also follows a blog that proclaims the "facts" of Xylitol, which (oddly enough) is posted by none other than... Dr. Ellie. I suspect that Musashi is either Dr. Ellie, or spouse of Dr. Ellie, or horrible stalker of Dr. Ellie, either way, I don't care.

Xylitol kills dogs, that's a fact dude. Don't care how, don't care why, dog eats Xylitol, dog dead, that's all I need to know.

He also cites that its been used in Europe since the 40's and has dental benefits... ok, you lost me there, seriously, had to laugh at that statement because, well, not to be all pompous and anything, but its a fun stereotypical joke to make fun of the teeth of European people since the age of time.

I mean, come on, seriously? So if I want teeth like this ---->
I need to get me some of that Xylitol teeth whitener stuff, right? Screw the dogs, just get me some white teeth like the Europeans, eh?

Go find another blog to stalk Musashi, or at the very least, stop snorting the Xylitol.

By the way, my roadkill deer was most tasty last night, you should try some.

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vicki said...

you are so funny!!