Monday, April 12, 2010

Diversity Makes Me Hate You

A five foot, 1 inch man was convicted of abusing a child, but will face no prison time because he's too short.

A female teacher who was convicted of having sex with a child will face no prison time because she's too pretty.

Lesson learned: If you are short or pretty go do what you want, you are impervious to consequences. If you are short AND pretty they may even give you a coupon for free stuff.

"Supporters of short people say it's about time someone recognizes the unique challenges they face." Um... is this to say there are non-supporters of short people? There are anti-short people factions springing up all over the country? This is a case of the anti-short people group forcing a poor short person into jail for molesting a child? That jails are unfair to short people? We need to build short people jails? I guess we'll need to build pretty people jails too eventually, and then we'll need to build jails for people who don't see well in the dark, and jails for people who fear concrete, and jails for people that require ambient lighting, and jails for left-handed people?

We make the claim that we've come a long way in merging color and nationality lines, being equals no matter what, and yet we continue to put people in different categories: too short, too rich, too pretty. We give special treatment and special consideration for groups of people and call it diversity. This "diversity" only further sections off people, and actually calls attention to their differences when we all should be equal, play on the same board, and treat each other fairly.

If you break the law you should go to jail, no matter what the excuse is.. You should go to jail even if you are a one-eyed, albino, transgendered, short person, or a average height white person. It shouldn't matter. We are all people. Nobody is more special than someone else, nobody is more valuable than someone else, nobody deserves more protections than someone else. We are all equals, but until everyone starts thinking that way, there will always be discrimination, special treatment, special consideration, and hatred for those who get the special treatment.

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