Friday, February 05, 2010

Verizon/MCI hate mail

Apparently calling and yelling TWICE about something isn’t sufficient enough. Note to Verizon customer service people: never give me your company e-mail address, I shall use it:

Actual e-mail:

You may recall that on 19 January 2010 I called and practically yelled at you about issues with my FIOS services and billing. The reason for the yelling is that it was the SECOND time I had to call for the same three issues.

During that call I outlined 3 issues:

1.) Although we had contracted to have FIOS internet, phone, and long distance installed, we were still being billed by MCI and had no FIOS long distance - You bundled my services and transferred me to the Verizon switch-over verification to confirm I wished our business long distance be switched to Verizon from MCI, which I did.

I have just received a "welcome to MCI long distance" package from MCI. I want to confirm that I do indeed have Verizon FIOS long distance so that I can call and yell at MCI again.

2.) I am not receiving any bills. I want to receive paper bills... in the mail... to my business address... I have not received any bills... make this happen.

3.) I cannot access my account online. Despite confirming my login and password, changing my password, performing voodoo rituals and sacrificing chocolate bunnies to the gods, I always get that Verizon is "unable to process my request at this time, please try again later". I'm pretty sure that trying every day for the past two weeks constitutes "trying again" sufficient enough to declare that my account is still irreparably hosed.

So, in a nutshell:
I can't check my account to see who my long distance carrier is.
I can't check my account to see how much I owe your fine company
I can't check my bill to see any of these things because you aren't sending them to me.

I've called about these issues THREE TIMES and still nothing has been done.

Please have someone with some clout in your company explain to me why I should remain a customer of yours, and to assure me that these issues are taken care of.


vicki said...

you rule!!

Huffle Mawson said...

Did you get any sort of response?

Anonymous said...

I believe it is Verizon that my nephew-in-law works for - he had to give lay-off notices to 70 people that work under him. As I understand it, their job was to deal with your type of call. The jobs end in a month or so and will be going to India. Good luck there!
Mary in OR