Friday, January 15, 2010

Healthcare Mandate, Who's Gonna Pay?

Every day I sit and watch as our elected officials, our public servants in office to represent us, continue to ignore polls, ignore non-stop faxes, e-mails, twitter screaming, facebook posts, and gatherings of thousands (or if you read lamestream media, just a few hundred right wing extremist racists or none at all) and charge ahead with a bill that they will cram firmly down our throats.

“its not perfect”, “its a work in progress”, “we have to pass something and then we’ll fix it once it passes”, yep that’s the work ethic of America (I would insert the new “sarcasm” icon here, but I’m too lazy to spend $2.00 on a symbol when my sarcasm should be so abundantly clear, that it drips off the screen and stains your clothes).

I’m keeping track of all of the people, organizations, job types, and random exceptions that continue to receive (for a bribe or promise of votes) exemptions from this “wonderful bill that will save/create the health of gazillions of uninsured american people (you’d better go put on a bib or plastic sheet from all of this sarcasm).

I realize that the following is a rudimentary calculation of the population versus who is going to have to pay for healthcare. I realize (before you rudely point it out even though I said ”rudimentary“ which you probably didn’t know the definition of, didn’t bother to look it up, and just did that knee jerk reactionary defense thing when you actually have no clue yourself who is going to pay for this monstrosity, except that the magical government will fly their marshmallow plane to the land of money growing on trees to harvest some) that there will be a lot of overlap here. I’m sure that the number of welfare recipients will include those I listed in the population of Nebraska and Louisiana, and that union members may include government workers, and that some senior citizens can’t live on the pittance of social security benefits that are meted out like so much Oliver Twist gruel, but deal with it. You probably believe that polls that show your side winning are accurate, while polls showing that your side is hated and ridiculed are bogus, so if you feel compelled to pick apart these numbers and present your own, that’s fine... or you can just call me an extremist and blame Bush to make it easier. We’ll all understand.

I’ve also conveniently (or inconveniently) included the source of these numbers. This will give the shriekers the chance to either: 1.) claim they come from right wing sources that skew the numbers, or 2.) claim they come from government sources that are too inept to run a profitable organization, and in the same breath tell us why government sources should run our healthcare.

US Population: 304,059,724
on welfare: 30,000,000
(this figure is elusive, as apparently nobody wants to admit just how many people get free money for doing nothing. I’m all for taking every person that receives welfare and sending them to Haiti to dig through debris and assist with construction because at least they would be doing something helpful and learning a trade)
Amish: 227,000
Union members: 15,400,000
Government employees (not including Post Office) 1,800,000
Post office workers: 790,000
Senior citizens: 37,000,000
Nebraska: 1,783,432
Louisiana: 4,410,796

Total not paying for healthcare: 91,411,228

The Dems claim that 45,700,000 don’t have insurance. They include illegals in the country so we’ll just subtract the 9,700,000 illegals in the country and go with 36,000,000.

So, instead of figuring out a way to make healthcare more affordable for the approximately 36,000,000 uninsured people (remember, there’s a slew of them in this number that simply choose NOT to get healthcare), and finding a way to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions can get healthcare, we will be making people pay for a bloated bureaucracy of expanded government control, mandates, and rationing of care.

304,059,724 people
91,411,228 exempt
leaves 212,315,496 to pay for 36,000,000

Oh wait, I forgot, there are 13,200,000 unemployed people now, so:
304,059,724 people
91,411,228 exempt
13,200,000 unemployed and probably now needing healthcare
so that’s actually 104,611,228 exempt
leaves 199,115,496 to pay for it all

Roughly HALF of our population paying for the other half that won’t pay, for 36,000,000 uninsured people.

So, get ready to go to jail if you don’t buy health insurance (from somewhere), and wait a minute... should I include those people in jail who have health care (probably better than some policies you pay for) in the list of exempt?

304,059,724 people
2,424,279 in jail + 91,411,228 exempt +13,200,000, unemployed= 107,035,507
197,024,217 footing the bill

Yeah, that seems reasonable...

Oh, and before you claim that I’m all for social security and medicare, I’m not. I want all of my money back immediately (with interest) so that I can use it how I see fit. I want all monies going to unemployment insurance returned to me so that I can put it into a savings account for the time when I’m out of a job. I don’t sit around and wait for government to help me do anything, I take responsibility for myself. I just wish more of us did.

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