Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Art of Protest: Know Your Target

I happened to catch an itty bitty, tiny article about Cindy Sheehan leading a protest. It left me very puzzled.

Ms. Sheehan use to get full page headlines in the darling Liberal newspapers for her “courage” to stand in a free country and demonstrate against the horrible Bush regime. Her protest subject was simple: her son died fighting for his country and she was pissed off and blamed then President George W Bush.

Okey dokey, sure. Free country, freedom of speech, right to protest. More power to her and the others that have a beef and want to peacefully assemble and make their opinions public. Unfortunately for Ms. Sheehan, her bandwagon got so big that she no longer drove it, so she jumped off and went home (I guess, once you are out of the liberal limelight, who knows where you end up). Its not her fault that she became the poster child for liberal rage and was thrown so far into the limelight that she burned her face.

Ms. Sheehan apparently didn’t go home, she actually continued to protest... except nobody was paying attention... well, the lamestream media wasn’t paying attention, therefore she didn’t exist.

For example, in August 2009, Ms. Sheehan went to Martha’s Vineyard to protest now President Barack Obama. Her message? Same as before: End the wars and bring troops home. If you do a Google Search for news on this event, you get about 26 hits. If you Google Cindy Sheehan Obama, you get a more respectable 1,340 hits. If you do a Google search on Cindy Sheehan Bush, you get (hold onto your pants) 18,600. Nope, no media bias there, none at all, nope!

Ms. Sheehan actually ran to take over Nancy Pelosi’s seat. Frankly, at this point, I’d rather have Ms. Sheehan than Nancy Pelosi... I’d take a cardboard cutout of a dog rather than Nancy Pelosi, so that’s not saying much about Ms. Sheehan.

So now we come to today, where her protest was against the “cowardly UAV” attacks that are NOW ordered by this guy:

I’d like to point out that under our current Administration, we try captured terrorists in Federal Court, but we simply bomb the bejeezus out of them (and whoever happens to be in the way) using UAVs without so much as a miranda right or blindfold. If that’s the case, then I say release all of the people in Gitmo and let them go back to their nefarious deeds back in their homeland so we can bomb the bejeezus out of them with UAVs.

Not this guy:
I realize that protesting the current Administration is not popular, but back when you protested George W. Bush, you were protesting against the poster boy of liberal rage. That’s easy, and popular. You were thrust into the spotlight, honored, and held up on a pedestal. Gosh, I’m surprised you didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize for that (since you really don’t have to do ANYTHING to win that).

Now you’re going to see just how much your liberal friends REALLY want the wars to end and our soldiers brought home (26 Google hits, versus 18,600 Google hits). None of them will call you “brave”, or speak of your “courage” for protesting against their chosen one. You will be mocked and ridiculed by them (and if you think the Republican mocking was bad, hooo boy are you in for a long ride), you will be dismissed, and you will be ignored.

Welcome to the club.

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