Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aliens Took Me Captive

That’s the only explanation I have for not ranting much sooner. One minute I was soundly asleep, and the next it was months later and so much has happened that I don’t even know where to begin ranting, so the only logical explanation was that aliens took me captive and didn’t have WiFi on the mothership, therefore I have a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully while undergoing horrid physical experiments I was able to catch all of the political news in my journal since aliens are smart and watch FOX news.

1.) Why are technical/career colleges booming? The news actually did a segment on this, and I’m sure (like me) you knew all along why people were flocking to schools that actually TEACH you a trade where you can actually GET a job doing that trade, since going to a “REAL” college takes you 40 years, $50 bazillion dollars, and all you learn is humanities from some guy that read a book by some guy that wrote a book because he once read a book about humanities. Yep, there are just a slew of jobs just waiting for people who have memorized the Gilgamesh Epic from Mesopotamia, but absolutely nothing for someone that can pull an engine out of a car and rebuild it.

2.) The Economic Crisis - Part 1: I heard someone who is paid to talk on tv but knows nothing at all about anything say that the reason the Government is spending all of this money isn’t because they are saving money... the are INVESTING money into the future. OOOOH, so when I buy a car, I’m investing in transportation? That makes sense, since I use the car to get to my job to pay for my car... hmmm, wait a minute, that doesn’t seem very investy. Then if I lose my job, my “investment” gets repossessed and I love my “investment” and all of the money I “invested” in it. Since the Government doesn’t actually create anything (other than more debt) its not like they can use their “investment” to do anything other than spend more money.... we’re doomed.

3.) Ft. Hood Shooter - Terrorist, traitor, coward, should be put to death ASAP. Mayor Daly and Michael “I bought yet another election” Bloomberg need to walk their darkened streets without having their armed guards surrounding them and then let them talk about the 2nd amendment. Remember: we need more strict gun laws so that criminals that don’t follow the law will not follow the more strict gun laws. I really do think we need a band of roving people that do nothing but travel to wherever a public official says something stupid and all the roving band does is point at them and laugh, because trying to talk sense into these people is useless, totally useless. By the way, where is that pesky Hate Crime law that was put into effect by sneaking it into a defense spending bill. Why isn’t that terrorist scum sucking traitor being charged with it?

4.) Closing Gitmo and 9/11 Trials in New York- So, we’re bringing “terrorists” to New York to give them a fair trial... right. AG Holder already said that we’ll convict them and put them to death. One of the defense attorneys has said that the government is never going to let them go. Yep, that’s a fair trial all right. I say close Gitmo and make the terrorists swim back to their home countries, or better yet, set up cameras and leave them alone in the jail and make it a pay-per-view watching as these butchers slowly starve to death. For those of you who think we can make friends of the Taliban and Al Quada, I just point to the fact that our “rehabilitation” of pedophiles has worked so well in this country... how many times must our people die before we realize that some people are wired wrong and aren’t meant to live with law abiding citizens?

5.) Universal Healthcare - Still against it. If people want healthcare, I suggest that they join the military. Not only do you get free healthcare, but you get a job, room and board, a paycheck and all you have to do is serve your country. Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky said on a news show that (shockingly) doctors and hospitals use up 40% of healthcare expenditures. Um... who else should healthcare dollars go to? Where is the other 60% going? Instead of blaming doctors and hospitals for spending HEALTHCARE funds why aren’t we looking for where that 60% is going. He also said that the government (not your doctor) will have to GUESS what medical treatment people NEED and what the Government can AFFORD and if you want a certain procedure, you’ll just have to pay for it yourself. Frankly, as one ER doctor puts it here... I totally agree.

6.) Pandemic - The Swine flu may mutate with the Bird Flu, and then we’ll have the When Pigs Fly Flu.

7.) Global Warming - I’ve said all along that its a money making sham for those involved. Unfortunately the lame stream media is ignoring the thousands of hacked e-mails that pretty much say “yep, we’ve been cooking the global warming books” because they say they are “taken out of context” or “not real” and the hackers should be prosecuted. Funny, they didn’t say that when Sarah Palin’s e-mail account got hacked, and what a “public service” that hacker did for the country to reveal... absolutely nothing really. By using e-mail, she was “hiding” something. By using e-mail the global warming snake oil salesmen were merely “coordinating” their research.

8.) Military justice - One of the terrorists that ambushed a contractor vehicle, slaughtered the contractors, burned their bodies, dragged the bodies behind jeeps, then hung the bodies on a bridge for everyone to see was captured and claims to have suffered a cut lip when he was detained. The three Navy Seals that captured him are facing a Court Martial for abuse. Yep, that’s justice. Its better to have our fighting men and woman in a court room facing “abuse” charges from cold blooded killers than doing their jobs.

Ok, that about catches me up on things. Please note that I don’t care if a couple snuck into a State Dinner and got wined and dined and met our government officials, not sure what all the hoopla is about, people have been sneaking into our country for years and eating our food and using our resources when they weren’t invited, why are we picking on this couple?

Also, I predict that the whole Tiger Woods “car accident” went down like this: argument, argument, I’m leaving, fine, take your F’ing golf club with you, smash into back of truck, WTF, aaaaaah, smash, here come the police. Now can we get on with other more important things like how many people were trampled during black friday?