Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello, Its Me Again

Yes, I know we had some rough words when we last saw each other... ok, I had rough words, you just sat there, but you have to understand, I thought I was ready to step out on my own and go about my life, but things happened differently than what I expected.

I had no idea that sitting around on my butt for the past 6 weeks in that stupid boot, unable to do any sort of exercising would make me do it again, but there I was, shoving anything edible in my mouth with both hands, feeling all blobby again, so I just had to do it... yes, I starting shooting up heroin. Ok, that’s not true, I just started smoking again.

AHA, see, you are all freaked out. Look at how well I manipulated you, if I had just said that I had started smoking you would have been all “oh you suck , your such a faily failure!”, but after saying I was doing something horrible, you are all like “oh, whew, man you had me scared and freaked out, so smoking isn’t so bad after all”... yeah, but I’m betting with all the taxes its probably teh cheaper to make crack in my own bathtub, but yeah, its ONLY smoking.

So, Dear Chantix, its me again. Thank you for the wonderful side effects with the bizarro dreams, the waking up at 3am and not going back to sleep. I look forward to the noxious gas and uncontrollable bowels again. I missed you so.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get the Story Straight

If you're going to try to "sell" a bunch of people on something, you should at LEAST get your story straight before you do your "roadshow" about it... and by the way, if more than one person is "selling" the item, you should provide them with some details and get them to stick with only those details. Seriously, snake oil sales people did a better job of selling the masses turpentine to cure whatever ailed you than Liberals have of selling the U.S. on healthcare reform. Could that be from a serious case of "don't have a clue"? Try some plain english and limit it down to 50 pages max next time why doncha, and oh... you may want to leave out the part about asking old people and disabled veterans to off themselves for the convenience of others.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

BB Obamacare options

Bailout Bill demonstrates the difference between the Government (public) and co-op healthcare reform options.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's ok, nothing to see here

This afternoon I went to make hubby a latte. I have one of these wonderful machines:
Its a Starbucks Sirena. I have no idea why they stopped making these, they're fantastic. Easy to use, easy to clean, it makes lattes fast and they are mighty tasty. Haven't had any problems with it... until today.

Plugged it in and hit the on button. Nothing happened. Hit the on button again. Nothing. Unplugged it and plugged it in again, hit the on button... nothing. It was at this point that a very low keening noise came from my throat. Hubby knows this sound. "what's wrong?" I explained that the latte machine wasn't turning on. I moved aside, because men like to see these things for themselves, and for all he knows I forgot to plug it in or something mundane like that. He plugged it in, hit the button... nothing. He unplugged it and plugged it in... nothing. He plugged the rice cooker in and it worked.

"its broke" he pronounced.

I did this:

I mean, come on, what else is there to do when your coveted and very expensive latte machine is pronounced "broke". Holy crap, I mean we drink a lot of latte, but not enough to break it. Besides, its not like I was using it and it began to smoke and make strange exploding noises or anything for christ's sake, I mean it was just sitting there, worked fine last time I used it and now broke? It spontaneously just broke while it was sitting there? What breaks by just sitting there? Did some part just fall off in there for no real reason? Was there an earthquake that nobody felt but the Sirena, and it caused all sorts of internal issues? How does something break when its just sitting there?????

Oh, the part that plugs into the actual unit had come unplugged... never mind.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The new new deal

Social security accounts for 20.8% of the federal government expenditure, with Medicare/Medicaid coming in at 20.1%. This means that between the two of these socialistic programs, they both consume nearly 41% of all government spending.

According to Wikipedia and other sources, Social Security alone is currently estimated to keep roughly 40% of all Americans age 65 or older out of poverty. So, what of the other 60%?

Enacted in 1935, provisions of the Act provided benefits to retirees and the unemployed, as well as a lump-sum benefit at death. It is funded by a payroll tax on workers’ wages and payment by employers, and now provides assistance to aged individuals, unemployment insurance, aid to families with dependent children, maternal and child welfare, public health services, and the blind. Ever wonder what those “public health services” are... its not just for your retirement now, is it?

While noble causes, social security was touted as a way to encourage older workers to retire and thereby create opportunities for younger people to find jobs, which would lower unemployment rates. Since it now covers more than just YOUR retirement, and since the age of retirement slowly creeps up every time the Act is revisited and amended, this doesn’t exactly open the door to younger workers if you are still working until you are in your 70’s.

In 1965, Medicare was added into the mix, which allowed the government to withdraw funds from the independent “Trust Fund” and put it into the General Fund for additional congressional revenue. This means that your retirement money was now, no longer in a safe trust fund, but could be used by the government any way they wanted (like buying 8 private jets for their use).

Back when it was first formed, the mandatory age of retirement, where individuals could draw on their social security benefits was 62.

In 1972, an amendment was enacted whereby the establishment of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was formed, which meant that immigrants who had never paid into the system became eligible for SSI benefits when they reached age 65. Say what? People who have never put money into the pool are getting benefits off of money you did put in the pool? Yep.

In 1977, President Carter amended the act to increase withholding from 2% to 6.15% to ensure its solvency until the year 2030... except it was in trouble again by 1980.

In 1983 it was amended under Reagan to tax Social Security benefits of higher-income individuals thus levying a tax on the “rich” to pay for the program when others were not taxed, which is unconstitutional. The age of retirement was also increased.

The Supreme Court ruled in Flemming v. Nestor in 1960 that “entitlement to Social Security benefits is not a contractual right”. In other words, the decision means that Congress can cut or eliminate benefits at any time. This is handy in that it is projected that by 2017 there will not be enough funds to cover everyone. Its also of note that the “trust fund” is actually Treasury bonds. The money in the trust fund has been “loaned back” to the Federal Government to pay for other expenses, so is your money still there or does it consist of an IOU? That seems oddly familiar, wasn’t there a case recently where a person got a life sentence for taking peoples’ money and using it for his own benefit and bilking those investors?

The reason I’ve bored all of you with these pesky facts is that the Liberals are justifying the unconstitutional takeover of health care by the fact that both Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are already established. They threaten people with the “if you don’t want Government in health care then we should disband both of those programs”. To that I say YES.

Retirement is a personal responsibility. When I grew up, my parents practiced and taught me that I needed to take at least 10% of my pay and put it into a savings account to save up for retirement. Also back then, most companies had a pension plan that you paid into and upon retirement you received your pension. This has been replaced with 401K programs, and with banks with similar IRA accounts for people to invest their money in for retirement. If Social Security is such a good program, why am I encouraged to also invest in other means of retirement money? Could it be that my monthly stipend is so small that there’s no way I could possibly live on those benefits?

The fact that the government, from the inception of Social Security, has mismanaged the funds, used them for other spending, has raised the withholding, and are now in panic mode because the amount of baby boomers that are retiring will drain whatever money is leftover from the Act, leaving young people with nothing for their future retirement (except what they themselves had saved) and seniors with a shaky retirement ground. Further, in light of the recent Government bailouts of banks, insurance companies, and car companies, those who didn’t put all of their eggs in one basket and invested in other ways to ensure their retirement were screwed royally when bankruptcy filings by GM were skewed so that unions and the Government were given better rate of return than those investors who had a real stake in the game, left those with personal injury claims in the dust, and GM got to dump its toxic properties and not clean them up.

I say disband Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare immediately. Return all monies invested by individuals to those individuals with a reasonable rate of return based on common interest rates they would have received had they been able to invest that money themselves or in a savings account. Allow the PEOPLE to determine their best interests and prepare for their retirements as they see fit, and to retire whenever they have the means and ability, not at 67 years of age in order to receive their full benefits doled out in monthly stipends.

This concept of “well, we did it before so you can’t argue now” is over. Sure it may be tough for some, and there are those who would suffer having depended upon the government to provide them with what they need. That’s their mistake, not the rest of the population. It may seem cold, cruel, and hard, but even during the depression, when people were going hungry and jobs were scarce, the people reached out, without any community organization paid government money through grants, to help those that DESERVED help and were willing to work rather than receive a hand out. Hand outs in my grandparents’ time was a shameful thing... today its status quo and almost a badge of honor. “Look what I can get for nothing, why should I work”.

The government is suppose to be there to govern by the constitution. We’ve allowed it to slowly creep into our lives using the “for the good of the people” motto. What the people actually need is a swift kick in the reality that government does not help, nor was it formed to help, its people that help those who need help, and government needs to stay out of it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Marketing 101

Marketing 101
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The other day I went to purchase the new Michelle Malkin book "Culture of Corruption" at the local Books A Million store.

I stopped in front of the designated conservative "hate speech" section, where Carl Rove, Glenn Beck, and all of the other "fear mongers" were banished and didn't see the book. As I contemplated the possibility that BAM wasn't going to carry the book, hubby called me over to the Obama shrine area and low and behold... there it was, nestled among the "We suck up to Obama so hard we can see out of his throat" section.

Now I have to wonder, was this a mistake, or is there a sarcastic conservative working at BAM that stocked the book there... if so... thanks for the laugh and way to go!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Splain this to me

I had the opportunity to listen to the Arlen Specter townhall today. It was very entertaining, I especially liked the veiled comment from one participant thanking Specter for coming to talk to the people that put him in office... the Republicans. Oh the delicious sarcasm, I could eat it with a spoon.

Anyhoo, I was simply amazed at how well versed Senator Specter was on HR3200 for someone that says he hasn’t read it, and for a bill that he says doesn’t exist. When asked about a very specific page and section of HR 3200 that infers that people who aren’t “contributing” to society won’t be in line for care, he got very angry and called that malicious and vicious, and untrue... um, you haven’t read the bill that would take hours and hours and hours as Sebelius says... (wonder if she slogged through a Harry Potter tome) and “hasn’t been written”, so how do you know its untrue?

Later on, Senator Specter explained how people who were concerned about Government funded abortions would have the choice of being in two programs: one that funds abortions and the other that doesn’t. Um, excuse me? I read 3200 (and hope that delayed stress reading syndrome is covered under the new government plan) and there’s NOTHING in there that says outright that there are 2 plans, let alone the word abortion... that’s the veiled little secret the writers and amenders of the bill keep sweeping under the rug, so Senator Specter unwittingly let the cat out of the bag that there’s a NEW bill out there that the government isn’t releasing to the people that specifically calls out that abortion will be government (taxpayer) funded, or he’s delusional.

I also question the man’s sanity and knowledge of exactly how government programs are funded... they are funded ENTIRELY by taxes, therefore it doesn’t matter if there are 2 plans or 200 plans, they are all taxpayer funded plans so no matter what plan you “select” you are still paying for something you may wholeheartedly and religiously don’t believe in. According to CNN: “Several people asked if a health care bill would mean taxpayer dollars would pay for others to get abortions. Specter responded that any measure passed by Congress would allow people to choose a plan that didn't cover abortions.”

Another participants (who the MSM will catalog as “hostile” with all of the other participants) suggested a national referendum on health care reform. Senator Specter called that idea “fascinating” while avoiding that whole nasty suggestion of “tort reform”, and told the group that he would take that idea back to Washington although he said that the Federal Government didn’t have a mechanism in place for doing something like that.

Oh really? Seriously? Um, so are you telling me that we pay these people GAZILLIONS of dollars, have Web sites where you can snitch on your neighbors and another that “dispels lies” about healthcare reform (remember, a bill that nobody has read and its argued doesn’t even exist), and we even have an $18 million dollar Stimulus tracking Web site, but we have no type of mechanism in place for a public referendum? Well, perhaps if all of the cybersecurity people hired by the Obama administration that keep leaving in droves because nobody will let them do anything could have come up with something secure... hey, don’t we have voting online too? Hey, don’t we regularly vote for the new American Idol and Survivor cast-offs... how about we give the post office something to do and stimulate their business by having mail in ballots or something. Heaven knows the Government is all into giving money to failing businesses (mainly businesses they have taken over and are still failing) so why not prime the Post Office pump by having a mailed in referendum. How about even doing a social networking referendum. I’m always taking polls on Facebook and twitter is a great method of social interaction... or the government can do what it does best and develop a new wheel that costs twice as much as the old wheel, doesn’t turn or support any payload, but is a rousing success because they bribe people to buy it.

P.S. if the Volt gets 250 miles per gallon, isn’t that a rousing success for the burning of fossil fuels which create electricity, and although it does diminish our dependence on foreign oil, it’ll cost the taxpayer 6 times as much for electricity thanks to Cap and Trade... now there’s a car we can all get behind... and push.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I mean, seriously, where to begin

I’ve been stewing over this whole health care reform fiasco ever since it started. People want reform and when they said they wanted reform we meant definition #1 from Merriam-Webster:

1 a : to put or change into an improved form or condition b : to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses
2 : to put an end to (an evil) by enforcing or introducing a better method or course of action
3 : to induce or cause to abandon evil ways <reform a drunkard>
4 a : to subject (hydrocarbons) to cracking b : to produce (as gasoline or gas) by cracking

Apparently Congress thinks we meant #2, #3, and even #4 because they must be producing a lot of crack to come up with a bill over 1,000 pages long. Leave it to Government to take something simple and hose it up beyond imagination.

Of course, reading any 1,000 page government document will make the masses cranky, but reading this one is straight out of “Brave New World”. Of course the argument is that things are “taken out of context” or “not understood”, but then again, the other argument is “I can’t comment on specifics because the bill hasn’t been written yet, but I assure you...” or “no, it doesn’t say that, of course I haven’t read it”.

How can a President who hasn’t read the bill and isn’t familiar with its specifics and who doesn’t plan to read the whole bill before he signs it tell me that I’m making ridiculous claims or outright lying about what the Health care reform bill will or won’t do to me and my family??? This is the same President who spent months and months deciding on a DOG, but wants to ram a completely changed healthcare policy down everyone’s throat.

My favorite was “I have a great healthcare program, I’m the President, I have a doctor following me, so this isn’t about ME”... really? SERIOUSLY??? My gah, I’m certainly glad that all that money I fork out in April is going to a full time doctor for you. I have a great healthcare program too, I pay $300 per month for it and its really good... but according to HR 3200 on page 16, if I quit or lose my job, I go on the dole and go into the wonderful “exchange” where I’ll get the Government healthcare program... and never be allowed off of it even if I get another job that has healthcare... which I won’t because it’ll be cheaper for companies to pay the fine for not covering their people than it will be to buy health insurance for them, so private insurance companies, who can’t compete with a never ending pot of government money (via you and me each April) will go belly up in record time leaving us with Austin Powers bad teeth and exploding spleens while we wait in line to be seen by doctors who are paid by the government and could care less if I die on the floor.

Oh sure, you may be telling yourself, I am just one of the Right Wing Extremist, gun clinging, insurance company paid MOBS that are screaming and yelling at town halls and frightening our elected officials who won’t read bills because they have to move fast (like TARP and Stimulus, look how well those have worked out for you) and like Cash for Clunkers with a total of 3 BILLION dollars and growing, paying people with my money to buy a new car when they had a perfectly functioning paid off car and now probably won’t be able to make the payments... get ready for for car crash, just like mortgage crash, coming to a neighborhood near you.

Well, yes, I guess I am the mob, and I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore, especially after MY government has the gall to accuse me of being “organized” (like their ACORN and SEIU goons), PAID (puhleeeze, I can’t get xanax let alone a pay check from my healthcare provider), and astro turf. Barbara Boxer says we’re paid because we dress nicely. How freakin out of touch does Babs... I mean Senator... no, frankly I mean you out of touch loon scum bag government lackey... you want respect Babs, you earn it, and you certainly haven’t earned my respect... “same type of people”, “its to hurt our President and change our Congress”. You have that partially right Babs, we want to change Congress... by removing ALL of you currently sitting on your butts and forcing this crap down our throats, expecting us to pay for it and then expect us to thank you.

No amount of polls that say this bill sucks, don’t pass it, no amount of letters stopped TARP, Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers, the purchase of EIGHT luxury private jets for the whim of our elected officials after they berated car manufacturers about their jets (HYPOCRISY!), no amount of screaming, yelling, protesting, letter writing will get them to change their minds... so all of you that mocked the tea parties and told us “you have representation so you can’t have a tea party” well you can kiss my A** because nobody in that congress or senate represents me or the masses of every day, ordinary, nattily dressed, sign carrying americans that DON’T WANT THIS CRAPPY HEALTHCARE!!!!

The White House response: snitch on people spreading “fishy” information about the healthcare plan. Um, excuse me? This from the man that vowed during his campaign that warrant-less wiretaps on US citizens was vile and disgusting and that he would end that practice the moment he got into office... except he didn’t, and actually on 23 January 2009 he said it was perfectly fine and dandy and by the way, immunized the nation’s telecommunications companies from lawsuits... OH YES HE CAN AND YES HE DID!!! Where’s the outrage that Bush/Chaney dealt with? So it doesn’t surprise me the White House is unconstitutionally collecting the names and information of people who oppose its health care reform. It also doesn’t surprise me that his Chicago cronies say things like “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard” or sending their ACORN or SEIU goons to town halls, giving them reserved seating to fill up halls and denying voters a chance to let their representatives know how they feel about this bill. How about SEIU goons beating up people outside of town halls, or ACORN people berating and getting in the faces of grandmothers, mothers, grandfathers, veterans, small business owners, and other citizens merely doing their constitutional right to free speech? We are called “fringe trying to mess up our meetings” “astro-turf” backed by GOP (who couldn’t organize a fart if it tried), or insurance companies.

When mocked, belittled, chastised, had protestors with fake bloody hands, code pink screaming at them, broken windows, ACORN breaking into foreclosed houses and “taking them over”, President Bush merely stated that it was everyone’s constitutional right to free speech. What do you think would have happened had he asked on the White House Web site for people to snitch on their neighbors? What do you think would have happened had he called them a bunch of nutjobs, racists, loons, and paid organizers? Where’s the outrage people? Where’s code pink now that President Obama is no longer actively seeking Al Queda and Bin Laden, but now after the Taliban and pushing more and more troops with a never ending time table into Afghanistan? Where are they now that terrorists will be spending jail time on our shores once Gitmo is closed? Where’s the anger people? Where’s the outrage?

Oh, that’s right... all of YOU that want this healthcare program for the MINORITY of people without (not the 45 billion that is constantly claimed, but only 10 billion) so you want to trash a good, yet flawed healthcare system and tax the rich to give everyone crappy healthcare... yeah, way to fix it. I also want to point out that liberals keep screeching that we live in a Democracy. Oh no we don’t. You would know that we are a Republic... they would know this if they hadn’t tried to erase the “Pledge of Allegiance” from our life, and most likely they are flummoxed by the whole “... and to the Republic, for which it stands” by that whole uncomfortable “under God” part. So lets play stupid and say its a democracy, shall we... if the majority have healthcare and the minority doesn’t... democracy says leave it alone. Of course, these are the same people that scream Darwin, and yet try to save endangered species... as if they were God. They aren’t, but they want us to think they are, and they’ll continue stripping away our rights until we’re back in 1776... gotta remind you though... that didn’t turn out so well for those British.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A huge conglomerational rant (I made up that word)

I’ve been keeping notes on the rants I want to do, but something always gets in my way when I get home from work, like dishes, and cooking, and sleep. Tonight’s funfest has to do with my heat pump... my very expensive piece of Trane... nothing works like a Trane, except maybe Amtrak and we know how well that works (government run... see, I threw in a political reference, hehehe).

Some people pay good money for those calming fountains that burble like a stream, frankly they just make me have to pee all the time, but I have THE most expensive calming fountain money can buy... my Trane heat pump. You see there’s a pvc pipe that is suppose to drain all of the condensation out of the thing, but when it was installed, the miles of pvc pipe needed to reach to our sump hole makes it not so gravitationally friendly. Each year I call out the BGE Home people (not affiliated with BGE, but it has the same name so you can’t fool me greedy electrical company that I happen to love because my house runs on electricity, thank you) to come out and some technician always explains to me (as if I’m a 3 year old, and speaking of which a new study shows that 3 year olds are getting depressed, so 3 year olds can get Xanax but I can’t) that I need to flush out the pipe with bleach to keep it clean and draining. Well technician guy with mandatory butt crackability, I DO pour bleach down the stupid pipe every year, but the problem is that the bleach won’t get to the one tiny part of pipe that goes from heat pump to the downward slope of the pipe and that gunks up and why don’t you fix it so it works like it should so I don’t have to call you every year to tell me to purge it with bleach!

Anyhoo, my heat pump, once again, currently is burbling like a calming fountain and spewing water on the floor, which is being soaked up by the carpet in the next room and causing chaos and mayhem in my life. I have an appointment for friday morning (I said friday afternoon, but when I input the appointment on their web site it said that my heat pump is located in the attic... um, NO), so the technician is coming out in the morning because it gets hot in the attic so he’ll be more comfy coming in the morning... to my basement... which is always cool, especially now with the handy fountain spewing water all over.

So, I was actually going to sit here and do a good rant from my list, but then I was interrupted yet again by something, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow... if I find the time.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


I've been in a foul mood lately (sorry hubby), getting all wrapped up in the stupid economy, future craptastic healthcare scheme, and just everything seemingly going to crap in a handbasket all at the same time. Hey, go figure, that's life, but still, does it ALL have to go to crap at the same time.

Frankly, I should look at my petty little inconveniences and actually feel thankful for them. I could have it much worse, and other people do, so I should just say "hey, that's life, it is what it is" (a saying I learned from my lawyer) and move on, but sometimes its just nice to swim in lake me and feel gloom and doom over stupid things and drive your hubby insane, like telling him the same thing over and over again because frankly you can't remember if you told him, or was it just a conversation you had in your head, or did you post it to Facebook and not tell him, and even if you did post it to Facebook, did he even read it?

I think that perhaps social media is driving me slowly insane, because I really don't know if I say things outloud, did I text it, did I post it, did I twitter it, did I SMS it, or did I e-mail it, and if I did, who did I post it to?

I've been telling people (I think) that I only have one more week in LarrWii, the Wii soft cast, but then I actually looked at a calendar and discovered that I actually have 2 weeks left. LarWii is getting a bit... rank. I had to spray him down in febreeze, and apparently you can wash the foamy innards, but I have no idea if that's true or not and I don't want to ruin it when I have to wear it, so I've been freshening the foam up with some Febreze and hope that I don't reek to high hell with each footstep.

Tonight we had a rainstorm. We need rain, but we didn't need three months of rain in an hour, so our sump pump drain pipe got a tad bit overwhelmed and was backwashing out near the house. Whoot. Then as I was folding clothes from the dryer, our heat/pump was making that distinct: "you haven't cleaned out the pvc pipe with bleach like you should have months ago so I'm not clogged and spewing water all over the cheap air filter thing, which you only have one left, so get out the bleach and snake and clear me out before I freeze something and cost you a bazillion dollars to fix/replace that you don't have" noise.

Right now one of my dogs is shrieking at me because its way past our bedtime (according to him) and he'll sit there and shriek until I go up and feed him oyster crackers just so he can stomp all over me, steal half the bed and shove his frito feet in my face throughout the night. Gosh I love my pups. I really do because today I found out that a friend of mine lost one of her beloved pups. It really takes a loss to make you realize the things you should shrug off and take in stride, and how you really need to stop and smell the puppies and realize that with all of the stupid inconveniences, the crap, the bills, the lack of money, the things that break, and the things that just don't work out... the most important things in life are those fuzzy creatures that steal your bed, and the hubby that accuses you of elbowing him in the eye at night.

Everything else is was it is.