Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Splain this to me

I had the opportunity to listen to the Arlen Specter townhall today. It was very entertaining, I especially liked the veiled comment from one participant thanking Specter for coming to talk to the people that put him in office... the Republicans. Oh the delicious sarcasm, I could eat it with a spoon.

Anyhoo, I was simply amazed at how well versed Senator Specter was on HR3200 for someone that says he hasn’t read it, and for a bill that he says doesn’t exist. When asked about a very specific page and section of HR 3200 that infers that people who aren’t “contributing” to society won’t be in line for care, he got very angry and called that malicious and vicious, and untrue... um, you haven’t read the bill that would take hours and hours and hours as Sebelius says... (wonder if she slogged through a Harry Potter tome) and “hasn’t been written”, so how do you know its untrue?

Later on, Senator Specter explained how people who were concerned about Government funded abortions would have the choice of being in two programs: one that funds abortions and the other that doesn’t. Um, excuse me? I read 3200 (and hope that delayed stress reading syndrome is covered under the new government plan) and there’s NOTHING in there that says outright that there are 2 plans, let alone the word abortion... that’s the veiled little secret the writers and amenders of the bill keep sweeping under the rug, so Senator Specter unwittingly let the cat out of the bag that there’s a NEW bill out there that the government isn’t releasing to the people that specifically calls out that abortion will be government (taxpayer) funded, or he’s delusional.

I also question the man’s sanity and knowledge of exactly how government programs are funded... they are funded ENTIRELY by taxes, therefore it doesn’t matter if there are 2 plans or 200 plans, they are all taxpayer funded plans so no matter what plan you “select” you are still paying for something you may wholeheartedly and religiously don’t believe in. According to CNN: “Several people asked if a health care bill would mean taxpayer dollars would pay for others to get abortions. Specter responded that any measure passed by Congress would allow people to choose a plan that didn't cover abortions.”

Another participants (who the MSM will catalog as “hostile” with all of the other participants) suggested a national referendum on health care reform. Senator Specter called that idea “fascinating” while avoiding that whole nasty suggestion of “tort reform”, and told the group that he would take that idea back to Washington although he said that the Federal Government didn’t have a mechanism in place for doing something like that.

Oh really? Seriously? Um, so are you telling me that we pay these people GAZILLIONS of dollars, have Web sites where you can snitch on your neighbors and another that “dispels lies” about healthcare reform (remember, a bill that nobody has read and its argued doesn’t even exist), and we even have an $18 million dollar Stimulus tracking Web site, but we have no type of mechanism in place for a public referendum? Well, perhaps if all of the cybersecurity people hired by the Obama administration that keep leaving in droves because nobody will let them do anything could have come up with something secure... hey, don’t we have voting online too? Hey, don’t we regularly vote for the new American Idol and Survivor cast-offs... how about we give the post office something to do and stimulate their business by having mail in ballots or something. Heaven knows the Government is all into giving money to failing businesses (mainly businesses they have taken over and are still failing) so why not prime the Post Office pump by having a mailed in referendum. How about even doing a social networking referendum. I’m always taking polls on Facebook and twitter is a great method of social interaction... or the government can do what it does best and develop a new wheel that costs twice as much as the old wheel, doesn’t turn or support any payload, but is a rousing success because they bribe people to buy it.

P.S. if the Volt gets 250 miles per gallon, isn’t that a rousing success for the burning of fossil fuels which create electricity, and although it does diminish our dependence on foreign oil, it’ll cost the taxpayer 6 times as much for electricity thanks to Cap and Trade... now there’s a car we can all get behind... and push.

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