Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A huge conglomerational rant (I made up that word)

I’ve been keeping notes on the rants I want to do, but something always gets in my way when I get home from work, like dishes, and cooking, and sleep. Tonight’s funfest has to do with my heat pump... my very expensive piece of Trane... nothing works like a Trane, except maybe Amtrak and we know how well that works (government run... see, I threw in a political reference, hehehe).

Some people pay good money for those calming fountains that burble like a stream, frankly they just make me have to pee all the time, but I have THE most expensive calming fountain money can buy... my Trane heat pump. You see there’s a pvc pipe that is suppose to drain all of the condensation out of the thing, but when it was installed, the miles of pvc pipe needed to reach to our sump hole makes it not so gravitationally friendly. Each year I call out the BGE Home people (not affiliated with BGE, but it has the same name so you can’t fool me greedy electrical company that I happen to love because my house runs on electricity, thank you) to come out and some technician always explains to me (as if I’m a 3 year old, and speaking of which a new study shows that 3 year olds are getting depressed, so 3 year olds can get Xanax but I can’t) that I need to flush out the pipe with bleach to keep it clean and draining. Well technician guy with mandatory butt crackability, I DO pour bleach down the stupid pipe every year, but the problem is that the bleach won’t get to the one tiny part of pipe that goes from heat pump to the downward slope of the pipe and that gunks up and why don’t you fix it so it works like it should so I don’t have to call you every year to tell me to purge it with bleach!

Anyhoo, my heat pump, once again, currently is burbling like a calming fountain and spewing water on the floor, which is being soaked up by the carpet in the next room and causing chaos and mayhem in my life. I have an appointment for friday morning (I said friday afternoon, but when I input the appointment on their web site it said that my heat pump is located in the attic... um, NO), so the technician is coming out in the morning because it gets hot in the attic so he’ll be more comfy coming in the morning... to my basement... which is always cool, especially now with the handy fountain spewing water all over.

So, I was actually going to sit here and do a good rant from my list, but then I was interrupted yet again by something, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow... if I find the time.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

This was a good rant anyway.