Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Healthcare Reform Rant

I was thinking of remodeling my house. It wasn’t suiting my needs, I would like a garage, but there’s no room for a garage, and I’d like more open spaces, and frankly we hardly ever use the bottom floor except for storage, so maybe I would like a storage shed or something, which we don’t have.

Instead of selling my house and moving to a house that suited my needs, I decided to remodel it... with a stick of dynamite. Blew the whole thing up and started from scratch and created a monstrosity of gargantuan proportions that I couldn’t afford and wasn’t any better than what I already had.

That, in a nutshell, is how Congress is “reforming” the United States healthcare system.

President Obama keeps saying that healthcare is bankrupting American. Actually I think that the TARP, PORKULUS Stimulus, bailouts, 33 czars making $100,000, Medicaid/Medicare fraud and wasteful government spending is causing more bankruptcy than healthcare, but here’s a bit of a spin on the whole “healthcare is causing a bankruptcy every 20 seconds” claim. As you can see, much like that claim that 90% of weapons confiscated in Mexico drug wars come from the U.S. (a statistic that is a downright lie), the President is using statistics to “prove” his claim that “we” need immediate health care reform.

I don’t think there’s anyone in the country that thinks that the healthcare system could use some polish and fixing. Everyone with healthcare has dealt with claims forms and statements and co-pays and billing errors and pre-existing conditions and finger pointing and problems. Sure healthcare is high, but not because the health care industry as a whole is a corrupt bunch of bastards, it has a lot to do with Government regulation, fraud, quotas, the added burden of Medicaid and Medicare paperwork, and those pesky trial lawyers looking for the big payola lawsuits for malpractice.

So, instead of just fixing the things that are wrong, our government has now written an over 1,000 page bill (that none of them will read... wish I had a job like that) that takes over the healthcare system, makes it government run, makes private insurance illegal... yes, ILLEGAL. Regardless, if you ran a business and it cost you $1,000 to insure an employee under private insurance, but it only cost you $50 to insure the employee under the new government insurance... oh yeah, get ready to stand in line and take a painkiller because your employer is gonna take the cheap way out. There is no way for private insurance to compete against the government, so pretty soon ALL of those health insurance employees will be in the unemployment line that is already filled with 14.7 million people (and that doesn’t include the unemployed whose benefits ran out), who will need government health care, who will need mortgage assistance, etc.

That’s ok, because under our current administration, its been suggested that Fannie and Freddie (bailed out government lapdogs) will buy your house and rent it to you.

So, you have government health insurance, government unemployment benefits, government rent... why bother working? Heck, why not just lay around in your government house and collect government benefits and do nothing but cruise the internet for porn all day? Well, because someone has to actually work to pay taxes to give you all that money! What? You mean the government isn’t just going to print more money, we have to work and pay taxes? Why yes, you moron!

But that’s ok, because you have free health insurance and can get medicine when you are sick, bones fixed when you break them, and an abortion! What? Oh yeah, you see Maryland Senator Mikulski snuck in a vague provision that looks, feels, and smells just like government subsidized abortion, but nobody is calling it that... because most of the things outlined in the Health Care Reform bill haven’t been created yet. Nobody really knows what will or will not be covered under the new health care because the government cronies that will be in charge of it haven’t been hired and haven’t made up the rules yet... but you will get an abortion on demand at the taxpayer’s dime.

Frankly, if a person wants to have an abortion, that’s up to them. Its not my place to tell other people what they can and can’t do, its their right, its perfectly legal... but to me its elective surgery, like a boob job. If you want an abortion, go pay for it, don’t make me pay for it otherwise I’ll want you to pay for my big hooter job and maybe some big Angelina Jolie lips. What? You don’t want to pay for boobs? Why not, it’s perfectly legal for me to get big boobs, so why shouldn’t the taxpayer foot the bill for it?

Ok, fine, so we get government healthcare and I don’t get big boobs, FINE, be that way, so how are we going to pay for it? The RICH! The rich will pay for everything because, well, they’re rich, except they won’t be rich for long at this rate, and then who will pay for it when it turns out that the Government: “was misled about how bad healthcare would cost” or “didn’t have all of the facts about healthcare” or “Inherited bad healthcare from Bush” or... whatever? Well, there’s that whole “trickle down” theory where when the rich run out of money, we tap the not so rich, and then the really not so rich, and then the... holy crap we ran out of people to tax so let’s tax bad things like cola, cigarettes, popcorn, broccoli, air.

What next? How do we make more money to pay for healthcare now that everyone is on the government healthcare bandwagon? Give them the red pill instead of a hip replacement. All of those seniors who aren’t paying into the healthcare program through their taxes, well, they’re just dead weight now, so why bother giving them the things they need. 80 years old and have a brain tumor like Senator Kennedy? Screw you, go to “End of Life” counseling. Why needlessly suck more money from a system that you no longer contribute to, you should be ashamed of yourself and die already. Meanwhile our fearless government leaders will keep their cushy anything goes healthcare program that you pay for, and they won’t be standing in lines or waiting for a czar to pronounce whether you really need that gangrenous leg amputated (here, have a red pill) because it took you a month to see a nurse practitioner before you had to wait 3 months to see a real doctor. Pretty soon the government will be blaming old people and people with chronic illness for the rising cost of government healthcare and the increase in taxes to pay for it. Soon, ACORN and unions will be picketing the houses of old people and the chronically ill and generating hatred for them so that the people will blame them for their crappy healthcare system. Since abortion is on the books as being one of the services approved by the government, isn’t it the next logical conclusion that every pregnant woman must get screened and if their fetish even shows a hint of having a health issue, perhaps mandatory abortions will be the norm to screen out defects and make sure that children aren’t born that will put a burden on health care costs... hmmm.

One last thought on the amendment that would have allowed concealed carry reciprocity that was defeated today. The argument (other than it would put more guns in the hands of criminals... I laughed til I peed on that one) was that some states require tests, or filling out different forms, or taking safety tests, so to allow a person with a conceal carry permit from one state that didn’t require you to fill out a form to conceal carry into another state would diminish that state’s laws. To that I have to say this: The state of Maryland doesn’t require you to have a blood test to get married, so if I travel to a state that DOES require a blood test, that means I’m not legally married in that state?


Painter Pack said...

I seriously think you should go on TV...someone like Hannity, Beck, or even Rick and Bubba. When you speak, I get such a clear picture of the disaster we are in as a nation. Perhaps if others heard you, they might open their eyes!! Just don't give your real name, cause then they might write "red pill" by your name!!!


Bonnie's Husband said...

A classic.

Now that you mentioned it...
Is it sick for me to want the cartoon of yourself to have big boobs? You might find some solice in it too. (Don't tell Bonnie..she had hers reduced...on that day alls I could say was "Thanks for the mammarys"

Was listening to RW talk radio yesterday and they were discussing Obamacare and it was pretty funny as the lead in from commercials were a bunch of different audio clips from movies...

"I see dead people"

"Bring out your dead...I'm not dead yet...You soon will be"


In any get it!!! and make it funny...sad...but funny

Tracey and Huffle said...

I want to see you with big Angelina Jolie lips. Really.

And then your government needs to take a pill and learn how to do universal free healthcare properly.

Anonymous said...

They (the government) will never fix healthcare until they take corporate profit out of insurance. As long as shareholder's quarterly profits and dividends come before the delivery of health services, healthcare will cost too much. Obviously the guy who wrote the rant has not been without coverage or had to pay for it himself. And I mean the "whole premium." As long as there are more people employed by the insurance industry to ration and deny treatment than there are employed in the medical professions to deliver service, there will be overpriced and unavailable healthcare. Get rid of health insurance companies! Why can I buy medications from Ireland and Switzerland for 1/10 of what I have to pay at the corner drug store? Corporate profits... If the doctor didn't have to employ four people just to bill and process insurance, he could deliver services for less money. Why dies it cost me $1,500 a month to cover three healthy people so I can perhaps obtain $500-700 of services a year. The rest goes to pay salaries and corporate profits for employees whose sole purpose is to either sell the insurance or to prevent me from using it. Get a clue. Talk to someone who has to pay for coverage. Talk to someone who can't get it. Talk to someone with a pre-existing condition like allergies. Talk to someone who has insurance and can't get the treatment they need without going to the press. Then you might know the real story. Take insurance companies out of the middle. Healthcare will be more affordable, more available and USA merchandise and services will be more competitive!