Thursday, July 16, 2009

It just keeps getting better!

Having served my country in the United States Air Force, I’m intimately familiar with how Government “does” healthcare... and it sucks. Really, it totally sucks ass. I’m incredibly lucky to have a job where health care is provided for me so I don’t have to suffer in the long waiting periods, long lines, the incompetent doctors, the bureaucracy and paper boondoggle of the Veteran’s Administration. I try to avoid the VA at all costs, but am sometimes forced to go and be looked at for Service-related issues and each time I wonder if its just better to poke my eyes out with a pencil than deal with that crap ever again.

That being said, this glorious and wonderfully expensive healthcare reform bill that is literally being shoved down our throats is nothing but a more expansive version of the VA organization. Wanna know how bad it is? Simply Google: VA horror stories and page upon page upon page of them will be right there for your disgust and horror. If we treat our brave men and woman so crappily, can you imagine how they’re going to treat average americans?

Well, you can just keep your healthcare plan if you like it... or can you? Actually, you can keep it... until you are forced to not keep it. On page 16 of the massive over 1,000 page crap filled healthcare bill is a little surprise for everyone that says in a nutshell: private health insurance will be outlawed.

Yep, page 16 holds a wonderful surprise to everyone who thinks that they can keep whatever healthcare they have and let others stand in line, be micromanaged, and denied healthcare by the government. Oh no, you won’t be able to keep it for long and also kiss that non-taxed flexible spending allotment you’ve enjoyed all these years, because the government will need ALL the money you can give them to pay for this wonderful health care reform.

How bad is the healthcare reform bill? The typically got its nose so far up the President’s butt they can’t hear the screams of liberal bias Washington Post has come out and said that its bad policy to think that the rich can pay for all of these programs. A spokesperson for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce went on record to say that when they read the bill they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Has anyone started a tally of all the things that the rich are going to be paying for? Has anyone figured out that with Cap and Tax, Healthcare, and the myriad of other programs about to become law that the rich will no longer be rich because they’ll either be taxed into the poorhouse, or they’ll take their money to another country that appreciates them and where does the money for these socialist programs come from then?

The Congressional Budget Office has said that the 10 year price tag for the House version of this bill currently stands at $1.3 TRILLION dollars. We all know how well the Government is in anticipating costs, since their Medicare Part D drug benefit was five year costed at $409 billion, and now the long term present value cost exceeds $9 TRILLION today.

So, were you aware that this bill, if passed, wouldn’t even start until 2012? Um, so what’s the freakin rush on signing it? Why is our President running out the bleeding hearts and the sob stories, why is he spending a ton of money (most likely OUR money) running commercials (in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) intended to scare people into supporting this bloated piece of crap legislature that will drive small businesses out of business, big businesses out of the country (if Crap and Trade doesn’t do that first) and force people into a crappy government run healthcare system that will determine whether your grandmother gets a new hip or brain surgery... while your elected officials have their own fantastic everything goes FREE health insurance... because they sure the hell won’t deal with the crap they’re giving us. Just check out HR615, which is a resolution that says if they healthcare reform passes, all representatives will give up their cushy free (well, free meaning taxpayer paid for it) healthcare to go on the “public” (which actually means government run) healthcare... see anything odd about the list of representatives supporting that bill? I’ll help you out... NO DEMOCRATS!!! I call this Resolution the “You dealt it, now you get to smell it” resolution. You want this healthcare plan, then you take it with us. I want to see you standing in line with me, getting denied treatment or languishing while I wait for an appointment.

I have a whole conspiracy theory on why this craptastic healthcare plan doesn’t start until 2012, but I’ll save that for another rant, right now I think I’ll go look for more bones to break so I can at least get my money’s worth out of my private healthcare while I still have it.


Painter Pack said...

I did not know you serve in the military. God bless u for the service. And I agree with you 500 million percent!!! This whole administration is killing America.


Tracey and Huffle said...

For ages I've been wondering why you lot didn't want free health care, but now I realise that you aren't getting free healthcare like we have. Which is a shame, because our system actually works. And we're allowed to have private health insurance as well, in fact, it's encouraged.