Friday, July 03, 2009

The Green REEPer

While everyone is out getting an early celebratory groove on by shooting fireworks that cause my dog to claw me, which is why I'm sitting downstairs in front of the computer instead of sleeping peacefully, I thought I'd send a little shout out about the wonderful Cap and Trade bill our Congress just passed.

I'm sure you all know that nobody read that 1,500 page piece of tyranny, please remember that during the elections for anyone that actually passed something they didn't even bother to read should be fired, jailed, and ordered to pay back their salary.

So, all of you "representatives" and I use that term incredibly loosely since you aren't representing anyone except your own self interests, here's a little gem inside that pesky bill that you probably didn't know about... and if you did know about it, I'll add lined up and shot to the whole firing, jailed, and pay back your salary list.

Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Performance or REEP (because our government just LOVES them some catchy acronyms), is a program that says (in a nutshell) before you sell your house, you have to hire a myriad of professionals, government types, and pay to "green" your house before you can sell it. Yes, that's right, your house isn't really yours anymore, it has to pass inspection to make sure you aren't killing the earth... as if you had that power.

Oh, they haven't written the standards or anything, the EPA will get around to doing that as soon as they create a whole slew of new government positions and equally catchy titles to make sure everyone's house is up to their standards they haven't written yet.

Part of that retrofit to commercial buildings will be the addition of plugs for people to plug their cars into. Hey, that's handy... especially since most hybrid cars are not fully electrical except for that new Chevy Volt that's suppose to be coming out soon. Chevy is made by... GM... which is owned by... the GOVERNMENT! How handy that part of the REEP mandate will be that buildings accommodate something that ONLY Government Motors cars will be needing. By the way, in case you are wondering where electricity comes from, the government has already told us that it won't come from foreign fuels or anything like that, because most people will plug their cars in at night and we get energy at night from windmills and dams... no seriously, they actually said that and expect us to believe that... really, I can find a quote if you think that stupidity is made up, it actually came out of the mouth of a White House advisor.

By the way, have you heard the news that the discussion of global warming (climate chaos, climate change) is over? Apparently not, since scientists (not highly paid beaurocrats) are now coming out of the woods and dissenting. Seems to me that if we have REAL scientists coming out and saying their opinions are being censored, that an EPA scientist's report against the cause of climate change was censored, then there's still some discussion we need to have before the government stomps all over our rights and forces us to meet standards that aren't even needed and line the pockets of those pushing this crap on us.


Tracey and Huffle said...

What are they using to make the electricity that comes from the plugs for the cars? Is it "green"? Probably not.

vicki said...

that'll help the housing market, where people are trying to sell a house that is already worth less than they owe...making them spend more money to "fix" it up first.