Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting to Know You

If you’ve been tagged or you are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions, writing your own response and tagging 25 other victims. You have to tag me, so really you just need 24 more people. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you, but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.

To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page. Paste these instructions in the body of the note. Type your title as “Getting To Know Each Other”. Tag 25 people including me (tagging is done in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
- 5:00 am was clawed awake by Meeshka for the morning breakfast, then back to sleep until 8:30am

2. How do you like your steak?
- Rare or medium rare

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
- The recent Terminator movie, it sucked.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
- Emergency! (hey, you didn’t say it had to still be on)

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you?
- Alpaca Island

6. What did you have for breakfast?
- Cheerios

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
- Italian

8. What foods do you dislike?
- liver

9. Favorite Place to Eat?
- Egg salad at my house

10. Favorite dressing?
- Ranch

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
- 2005 RAV

12. What are your favorite clothes?
- sleepy pants

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
- Germany

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
- 1/2 full

15. Where would you want to retire?
- Anywhere but Maryland

16. Favorite time of day?
- Saturday

17. Where were you born?
- Goshen, Indiana

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
- Politics

19. Who do you think will not tag you back?
- No clue.

20. Person you expect to tag you back first?
- No clue.

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?
- everyone is equally curious

22. Bird watcher?
- Only if they are gathering on a playground in mass numbers

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?
- Morning, but that doesn’t make me any less cranky

24. Do you have any pets?
- Siberian Huskies: Meeshka, Sam and Loki

25. Any new and exciting news you’d like to share?
- no news is good news

26. What did you want to be when you were little?
- A fireman, a coroner

27. What is your best childhood memory?
- Floating down Rock Run Creek on a big styrofoam slab with my family and the Browns

28. Are you a cat or dog person?
- Dog

29. Are you married?
- Yes, since 1988

30. Always wear your seat belt?
- Yes

31. Been in a car accident?
- Yes

32. Any pet peeves?
- oh, too many to list

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings?
- mushrooms

34. Favorite Flower?
- anything still living

35. Favorite ice cream?
- Irresistably raspberry

36. Favorite fast food restaurant?

37. How many times did you fail your driver’s test?
- None

38. From whom did you get your last email?
- Facebook notification

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
- The Apple Store and ebags

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?
- Tried to nap, but Meeshka stomped on me and Sam

41. Like your job?
- I like that I have a job

42. Broccoli?
- steamed into mush

43. What was your favorite vacation?
- Tennesee

44. Last person you went out to dinner with?
- Gil

45. What are you listening to right now?
- Loki snoring

46. What is your favorite color?
- Green

47. How many tattoos do you have?
- None

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?
- not sure

49. What time did you finish this quiz?
- 10:52 on Sunday

50. Coffee Drinker?
- by the gallon

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