Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Feds Versus the States

As you may recall at the end of my healthcare reform rant of yesterday, I was quite peeved about the fact that our Government goobers didn’t vote to allow conceal carry reciprocity because (among other lame excuses) they were all freaked out about that whole “ooh, we don’t want to trump a State’s rights and if we passed that pesky little bill then the Federal government would be all up in the States’ faces and telling them what to do”.

Yeah right, so what about this pesky little issue about Tennessee and the 10th Amendment

Someone needs to tell the ATF that the Feds don’t want to be telling the States how to act, because it pretty much says in their nasty ass letter that “Fed trumps State” as if they were playing a demented game of rock, paper, scissors or something. NOOO you silly state, rock beats paper every time.

Or how about this one, when California (now pronounced KAHLEEE FORNIA) passed the medicinal marijuana laws and the Feds when full tilt bozo nuts, threw a hissy and stomped all over States’ rights then too.

The Feds sure don’t seem too damn concerned about States’ rights on these two issues, but ooooh, look at their concern over simplifying the carrying of concealed weaponry by LAW ABIDING, LICENSED, PERMITTED CITIZENS.

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