Sunday, June 07, 2009

More Czars than you can shake a stick at

This whole "czar" thing really pisses me off to no end. Hey, lets just bypass all of the rules that we've been using for a gazillion years when we first created this country, and appoint just anyone to oversee things that are already overseen by other government agencies.

It would be like going to a McDonalds and ordering a burger, but when you tell the cashier you want a burger, she steps aside and the Cash register czar asks you again what you want.

Cash Register Czar turns to cashier and repeats "Burger"
Cashier turns to burger maker and says "burger"
burger maker turns to burger maker czar and says "burger"
burger maker czar nods head and tells burger maker "burger"
burger maker makes burger and gives it to the wrapping person
wrapping person, under the purview of the wrapping czar wraps burger, shows burger to wrapping czar, wrapping czar oks the burger.
Wrapping person hands wrapped burger to cashier, who shows it to cash register czar, who approves of burger, burger is handed to you, and you pay $1,596.53 for your burger because what should have taken 3 people to do, you are now paying for 3 people and three managers who do absolutely nothing.

Why do we need a border czar when we had the Border Patrol, then the Department of Homeland Security (which the Border Patrol now falls under) and now we need a border czar? If Border Patrol and DHS can't do their job, then fire them and create whatever you want, but don't be adding more bureaucracy with my tax money and tell me we need a border czar. No, we need an agency or person, or even a trained dog to make our borders safe and do it within a reasonable amount of money.

If I was a company and got hired to do a job, and I told the person hiring me "Ya know, I can't do this job, but I'm going to hire someone that can and you can pay us both", I'd get kicked out of that job and whoever hired me would keep the competent person on the payroll.

With government, that doesn't happen. With government, you create an agency. The agency is inept and wastes money. You hire someone to look into the agency and streamline it. The person hired to look into the agency and streamline it turns into a leech and is there forever now. Eventually the agency to look into the agency stops doing what it does and then you have to hire another agency to oversee the agency that oversees the agency.

Once government is created, it never goes away, it just grows and grows, like athlete's foot or the black toxic mold. Instead of finding ways to save money and do their jobs, the government looks to ways to generate more revenue to pay for the jobs they've created, and for the jobs they want to create in the future, without having any sort of business plan.

So, has anyone seen the plan for the new Health care yet? Anyone? Any idea who is and isn't covered, what the premiums are, if you get to pick and choose your own doctors, what prescriptions are covered, who is going to pay the doctors, hospitals, etc.? No? Well, no wonder nobody knows what it'll cost. Even the smallest new business has to provide potential investors with a business plan before one dime gets shelled out... why shouldn't WE, the people, be allowed to review the business plan for this new wonderful healthcare system to determine whether our money is worth investing into this glorious new way of healthcare (that has already failed in most socialists countries).

At the very least, as a potential investor of this new healthcare, I should have the right to opt out of investing in it if I don't think its a good investment. Why should my money go toward a bad investment... like a failing car business, or a failing bank, or failing insurance company.

P.S. You all do know that GM will NEVER fail, right? It'll be incredibly successful because the government will just keep shoveling money into that raging inferno of suck and declare it a success, even if they don't ever sell a single car ever again. After all, its a government business now, it doesn't have to ever make money... like the rest of the government. It'll just keep sucking.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Wait, aren't you all getting FREE healthcare like we have?

Anonymous said...

If the government has to, it will mandate all government agencies buy GM cars and hence it will be a raging success. Wait... why do govt agencies need to own cars? Why can't they just reimburse miles like companies do? Oh yeah, .... because they can.