Monday, June 08, 2009

Are those open sores or are you just happy to see me

Oh yes, just as I expected, those vines were definitely poison ivy, either that or I’ve spontaneously broken out in leprosy. Hmmm, thrown into a nice leper colony and left alone for fear of spreading my disease to others.... ok, while tempting, if leprosy itches like poison ivy then I think I’d rather just be killed, or at the very least scratched with a rake until I bled to death. It would be the ecstasy and the agony all wrapped up into one neat bundle.

I’m slathered in some vile smelling concoction cream that screams “STOPS THE ITCH FOR UP TO 8 HOURS” on the box, but this crap has only given me, at most, a half hour of relief before I’m slathering even more on. The color is one shade of caucasian skin tone from the pink calamine crap you normally bathe in for poison ivy, which means its neon tan on my blotchy red-head skin. I look like a leper with bad body make up. I can’t wait for my client meeting tomorrow! First its iced mocha spilled in my lap, now festering sores. Oh, did I mention the huge grotesque zit on the side of my nose. I’m feeling oh so pretty!

We’re suppose to get thunder storms tonight, which means my female husky will claw me in her anxiety over the thunder. I’m actually looking forward to it, since my arms are tired from scratching my oozing skin.

I’m growing more and more confused about this current administration. Did you like how I smoothly transition from my oozing skin to politics?

President Obama won the election based on his promises to certain groups, as most elections are won. Typically it comes as no shock or surprise when none of the campaign promises come to fruition, but it seems particularly odd that not only are President Obama’s campaign promises not coming to fruition, but he’s downright going the other way on issues in some cases.

Cases in point:

“Don’t ask, don’t tell”. Apparently there are millions of gays willing to join the military and serve their country, possibly die in the service of their country... except they object to keeping their sexual orientation from being known. Frankly, I don’t want to hear about anyone’s monogamous man/woman sexual encounters let alone man/man or women/woman sexual encounters, so I think that whole “don’t ask, don’t tell” should apply to everyone’s sexual prowess. I have the same rule for watching video of your baby being born... NOOOOOOO!!!!! President Obama’s campaign promise was: I will repeal it. Today he just told the Supreme Court not to hear a “don’t ask, don’t tell” lawsuit because the military is justified in their actions. He’s also made no move to hurry the military to drop their rule. Gee, if I voted for him because he promised that, I’d be a bit pissed at him right now, wouldn’t you?

Inheriting a deficit. President Obama claims he inherited the financial fiasco from the Bush administration, and the deficit as well. So, what does he do? He hires the same guy that was in charge of the New York financial district (under Bush) to run his IRS and finances, then spends even more money. How does he plan on paying for all of this:

Middle Class won’t be taxed more. Nope, not at all, no higher taxes for the working class people at all, none, nothing nada... except for that VAT thing, and then there’s the cap and trade, and oh yeah, we’ll need to tax your healthcare benefits, and .... did we mention all of those taxes will also affect lower class people too? If I wasn’t lazy I’d play the clip where campaigner Obama laughed, mocked, and all but ran McCain out on a rail for even suggesting that medical benefits be taxed. Still happy about your vote?

Czar, czar, czar. President Obama will point out that several presidents before him had a czar or two, so why shouldn’t he have... 14 and counting? That’s change, isn’t it. Most Presidents had one or two (and they only lasted a few months because czars are just figureheads with power and a huge government aka taxpayer paid paycheck), so I guess you could call it change that President Obama has named a czar for just about everything, even the Great Lakes. I’d also like to point out to Congress and the Senate that by appointing these czars, the President just leap frogged right over your checks and balances and is laughing at you. Can’t wait until he appoints a Congress czar to oversee all of you fat, bloated taxpayer money wasters.

End of Iraq war, capture Bin Laden. President Obama inherited that pesky Iraq war from Bush and vowed to end it... the exact same time that Bush said it would end. OOOOH there’s change you can believe in. President Obama promised to send all of the troops home ... as soon as they get done fighting in Afghanistan... which is what Bush said they would do. OOOOOH there’s some whopping huge change going on there. Hello? War protestors????? Where’s Cindy Sheehan now? Is she planted in front of Obama’s mansion in Chicago demanding the troops be sent home? By the way, for a nation that screams righteous indignation about torturing KNOWN terrorists by pouring water on them, we sure like to bring up that Iraq was about WMDs that weren’t there, forget all about the torturing, murdering, chemical dropping on kurds stuff that Hussein did to his own people... nah, we totally blew that off and only went in because we thought he was gonna nuke us... because we totally hate countries that murder and torture their own people like China,or occupy other countries like China does Tibet. Oh, and where exactly is Bin Laden?

Try the Gitmo terrorists and close Gitmo. Ok, so he said Gitmo will close, but any word on those fair trials? Putting the cart before the horse by trying to farm them out to other countries, who (for some odd reason) don’t want them?

Monitoring U.S. Citizens. Campaigner Obama said how horrible that was, what a horrible disgrace, and that just poops on the constitution... oh wait... we’ll be keeping that one... can’t be all transparent and tell you why, just trust me... and here’s a nice GM car with only one owner, great gas mileage and all.

Where’s that free college for volunteer work?

Why do we need a border czar when he promised to make immigrating into the US easier for those poor, hard working immigrants?

Speaking of transparency, why did his VP just say that stimulus money was being wasted and there was no way to account for a lot of it? Wow, that’s definitely a change right there.

The Speaker of the House says the CIA is full of liars and misleads congress. Why isn’t the government looking into that and getting rid of that agency full of liar liar pants on fires?

Why haven’t mortgage companies that sold poor innocent people mortgages to houses they couldn’t possibly afford been prosecuted?

Why is President Obama continuing the Bush tradition of rewarding irresponsible money grubbing banks and businesses with more and more money instead of giving that money to the people who really need it?

Why are people still losing their homes?

Why are people still losing their jobs?

Where’s our free healthcare, no taxes, someone else paying my mortgage, car and credit car payments like he promised?

Why aren’t I rich already?

I’m sure none of this is President Obama’s fault. I think its the fault of the Congress and Senate! Even though they say they’re democrats and for President Obama, I think they’re secretly keeping him from doing what he needs to do to save our country. If you love President Obama, I think you should vote every existing Senator and Congress person out of office. Even if they aren’t the appropriate party, I’m sure the only ones running are those who feel they can help President Obama fulfill all of his campaign promises. Its apparent that the ones in there now aren’t helping him at all.



Bonnie's Husband said...


Just wrote a rather long comment but this time included a URL for my blog, which generally has the appearance of having gone to seed, only to choose PREVIEW and then chose the link to my blog to verify it working...It did, but in going BACK my long comment was unretrievable.

Shorter...again funny stuff. This is getting ridicules. Just read where those gentlemen from the New Black Panther Party who were outside the voting location smacking nightsticks in their gloved hands intimidating people, had their charges dismissed. I guess the FOX video was not enough evidence.

In any case, I did add a little post to my blog after seeing the same Miller commercial about 10 times during a 9 inning ball game so if you care to venture hit my moniker.

Tracey and Huffle said...

I have a zit on the side of my nose too. STOP IT!