Saturday, May 30, 2009


Oh sure, for the past week or so I’ve been ranting about everything. Ranting in the car about idiots drivers, ranting at work about idiots I work for or with, ranting at home about whatever happens to be about tv, but the moment I sit down at the computer I’m pretty much dead in the head (thank you sweet Chantix for sucking my brains out and replacing them with stalks of beheaded dandelions).

Since I hate to disappoint my 3 readers and not have a worthwhile rant, you’ll be pleased to know that I write down notes in my incredibly perfect handwriting taught to me back in grade school back in a time where we said the Pledge of Allegiance (which is why I know we live in a Republic and not a Democracy as most morons think nowadays), and where when we got to the point about “under god” we either said it or didn’t depending on what we believed and didn’t need some old coot with depends under his/her black robe to read the Constitution and interpret it with empathy or a dictionary to figure out that we have freedoms to believe or not believe its just that the Government can’t create the church of “Give us all your money” and FORCE us to pray to it, but we damn well can say God in a school if we damn well want to and believe in one.

Ok, so I went off topic there a bit, back to my incredibly neat everyone always remarks how wonderful my handwriting is, notes that I jot down throughout the day because my brain has turned into cold, wet oatmeal, possibly with some bugs and mold thanks to my lover Chantix, which I’m still taking and will probably take for another 30 days even though I probably don’t need it, but I have a refill and frankly with my health care soon to be determined by a bureaucratic board of fucktards trying to save every penny so they can fly to the Bahamas and have a confab with my money and won’t be able to get antibiotics for my severed limbs, let alone a stop smoking pill (because they want me to smoke so I can pay for the healthcare of others) I might as well take it while I can, because if I stop taking it and reality sets in and I actually start caring about things... well, that’s an ugly I just don’t even want to deal with.

Ok, so back to the topic of my handwriting and the notes that I jot down every day so I can sufficiently rant about the week’s topics...

Susan Boyle - WTF? I just don’t “get” that whole weeping over her.

Jon & Kate +8 = ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! In next week’s episode, Jon finally hits his limit and beats Kate with some of the children. I’d Tivo that.

Energy Czar or politburo or someone in the government says that we should paint our roofs white to stop global warming. How much do the taxpayers pay that guy? Can we PUHLEEEZE have public hanging back????

National Sales tax: I’m going to wear the same clothes for years and eat lawn clippings.

A 30-year old female teacher was having sex with her 15 year old male student with the 15 year old student’s mother’s blessing because where she’s from, stuff like that is normal. Public outrage here... um, can I point out that we all have to accept diversity and we should understand and accept the differences in cultures and be tolerant to these differences... oh wait, except for “some” things as determined by certain morals but certainly not by average citizens who are then labeled racists. Gotcha.

Conservatives are mad at the government and those in the government for growing bigger and bigger and spending and wasting more and more of the people’s money. Conservatives want less government, they want their constitutional rights back, they want their states to get their rights back, they want to be left alone to be a success or failure, they want to keep the money they earn and they want to help only those causes that they choose to help with, not have that determined by the government.

What the heck are liberals mad at? They want programs, but they hate rich people. They want bigger government because bigger government will take care of them, but they don’t want to work so where is big government going to get the money to help them? They hate the rich, but they all want to be rich... and some think they will be this year... click here for the audio.


Tracey and Huffle said...

You know, I have incredibly neat handwriting too. Why am I not surprised by this?

P.S. Painting the roof white? Who ARE these people???

Huskeymute said...

i'm jealous wish i had neat writing!

hey come on think of all the jobs it would create!the economy and the enviroment solved with one blow NOT!!

God bless America

Krystal said...

I have nurses hand writing, lol.

Jon & Kate, need to get a life and get some much needed happy pills.

Susan Boyle, who's this?

And paiting my roof white? Whatever, my roof is thick with moss, grass, some dead birds, rotting wood and old dirt.