Sunday, May 03, 2009

I can't remember

Ok, this whole scatterbrained thing of Chantix has now affected how I take Chantix in that I can’t remember if I took my evening dose of it or not.. now what? Next thing you know I’ll have to set alarms to remind me to go take it, and lay out the pills in little containers that denote the day and time and then the alarm will go off and I’ll get confused and get dressed and go to work at 5pm or something stupid.

Of course I have been considering the possibility that tobacco has killed every last one of my brain cells and I’ll be like this for the rest of my life (except without the gas) and frankly, I’m ok with that really. Apparently when I was coherent I actually worried about things that I didn’t need to worry about, and things actually got done relatively on time (except for sending birthday cards, that never got done on time, so I just started sending birthday cards randomly, because frankly I think its nicer to get a birthday card out of the blue rather than on the day you expect to get a birthday card).

Ok, where was I, yes, the forgetting thing, and since I forgot what I was saying I will say that I had a rip roaring weekend with Icky who drove up here in her rental “car”. I call it a “car” because it had these things you turned to roll down the window, there was no beepy beepy thing that locked and unlocked it, and frankly I was surprised it moved. The lack of technology was astounding... how did people live without power everything?

We hit the thrift store and saw a dude looked like a lady doing some shopping, we mocked the clothes, the people, the fact that workers hung naked barbie dolls in plastic bags, and couldn’t really figure out the whole random stuff in a bag as it didn’t have a common theme (toys and rat poison in one bag... party streamers and condolence cards) we rather liked the whole macabre setting of it though.

What friend visit is complete without a trip to the firing range and lots of eating out. Unfortunately on the new chantix gas, exercise, and no fat diet, the fact that we ate at Red Robin before she left today was a disaster of mammoth proportions about an hour later. Speaking of, one of my pups has the runs and that was yet another fun fest that welcomed hubby and I home. Poor sickly poo tummy pup must have eaten some bad grubs or something. He’s the wee baby of the lot of them, a mamma’s dog that hubby calls a bitchy little girl. Mamma’s dog is competing with Chantix on the international gas off right now, my eyes are watering and I may have to flee the room except for the fact that my ass will still follow me... DAMN YOU RED ROBIN HAMBURGER!!!!!

Gleefully I did not watch any news or read any news web sites, so I can only assume that the world has succumbed to swine flu, the current administration not only spent all of the U.S. money but now feels entitled to spend the money of British citizens, and tomorrow will still be monday and I’ll have to work... sonofa....

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Well at least it sounds like the weekend was good.