Sunday, March 29, 2009

Urine Test for Unemployment Benefits

I saw a lovely heated discussion about the pros and cons of requiring people who collect unemployment to submit to a urine test.

In a nutshell: people collecting unemployment should be work-ready, therefore if they’re stoned out of their gourds, not very work-ready. Cons are, apparently it is unconstitutional (illegal search).

If its unconstitutional, then why are companies allowed to require it of their employees as a condition of employment? Someone crashes a train into a bus, tests positive for dope and immediately there’s that whole knee jerk reaction that requires all train operators to pee in a bottle. That’s all fine and dandy, but what if an unemployed crack addict applies to drive a train? Of course they won’t get the job the moment they pee for the company, so that’s a waste of taxpayer time to send a crack addict to a train driver job. I think it would actually be beneficial to test them, that way the unemployment agency can at least steer them toward a job they would be accepted in... if there are jobs that crack addicts are qualified to have... perhaps a member of congress.

I’m on the fence about it actually. I can see the pros and cons of both sides, but really, the person they had opposing it during this discussion was a total moron. His argument was that children would suffer because their drug using parents wouldn’t be able to get unemployment money. Um, seriously? I think not getting unemployment benefits is the LAST problem a child has if their parent(s) are doped up. I’m guessing regardless of where the money comes from, kid will starve because parent is off spending said money on more drugs, and neglecting said kid.

Another “solution” by this chucklehead was to spend the money that would be used for drug testing on more subsidized drug treatment centers. Once again, seriously? You now want me to pay to help drug addicts? I did not make them snort, cook, inject, or smoke drugs, THEY decided to do that, so they should take responsibility and get themselves clean.

Once again, everyone wants a free ride and not take responsibility for their own actions. We’re doomed as a country unless people stop this whole “Give me” generational thinking. The country owes you NOTHING, the country gives you NOTHING, you have the right to pursue happiness, its not simply GIVEN to you and there’s nothing that says you’ll even get happiness, so put your hand down and go make something of yourself other than cooking meth in your bath tub.


Painter Pack said...

Very good post! I am all for drug testing. I feel if I were a potential employer, I would benefit from knowing up front. And if I am obtaining benefits from the government, then I believe they have the right to make certain requirements. You are right, we are owed nothing. And yet, everyone thinks that the government owes them money! Especially now, with a different bailout every day. If you were hiring someone to come into your home to clean or watch your kids, wouldn't you like to know before hand if that person was a thief or child abuser? Too bad there is no pee test for that. But if there was, people would say it was unconstitutional.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Pee tests are illegal here so I have nothing to add to this argument. Drug testing unemployed people seems a waste of money, however.

Peg H said...

I would happily pee in a bottle if the government would pay for my mochas. As long as our fine government is giving to everyone else and bailing everything under the sun out, why not bail us mocha/latte drinkers out by funding a Starbucks type box store that would give us totally free mochas whenever we drove up!? I want my fair share too and I think we should start a club or lobby group or something to get our fair share of free mochas.

jen said...

for some odd reason, i always seem to have pre-natal appointments on days when they've had a bunch of people doing drug tests. it's a pain because the sinks are turned off and the toilets are blue.