Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm blogging during earthhour

Yep, that’s me, blogging on my computer, lights on full blast, iPod blaring Crash Test Dummies. Hubby is upstairs playing world of warcraft, Sam is watching Fox news in a bedroom, kitchen light is on, hall light is on. We are rebels, we don’t buy into the whole man-made global warming theory, frankly if the earth wanted to, it could tsunami volcano earthquake fire blizzard and fry our butts whenever it wanted to. Humans can’t “save” the earth, it’ll be still here, spinning gloriously long after our species is dead and rotted, except for those pesky cockroaches.

WHOOT I know how to liven up a blog post, don’t I?

Jets are still taking off from the airport down the road, I’m pretty sure the police force is still functioning, pretty sure the government has all their lights on, at least I hope NORAD does, that would be a bit silly wouldn’t it. U.S. taken over by Canada and Mexico during Earth Hour. There’s a newspaper I would buy except I probably wouldn’t be able to read it as it would be in spanish or french or something.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

You mean you're not fluent in Spanish or French?

I can see the headline now... "Death to the USA!".