Monday, February 16, 2009

You're "Giving" Me What?

Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but out of that gazillion dollar stimulus bill that will be signed tomorrow, I’m going to get a whopping $400? Let me get this straight: my tax money is going to pay for bee insurance and other crap, and a measly $400 is going to get returned to me and I’m suppose to leap for joy and thank the Government? Its not even like I’m getting a check for $400, no, they’re going to dole it out to me a bit at a time, and the going theory is that I’ll get a whopping $8.00 a week, because I’m more likely to spend that $8.00 a week to stimulate the economy rather than pay off a credit card or other debt.

$8.00 a week.

Actually, its not even going to be $8.00 a week because I’m sure they’ll take out Federal taxes, and State taxes, and then the social security thing, so actually I’ll only be getting $6.08 a week, which isn’t even enough to buy a latte. Knowing my luck that whopping $400 will also put me into another higher tax bracket and I’ll end up paying it back to the government again.

Wow... I’m overwhelmed with the generosity of the government with my money.

They’ve somehow managed to botch up the banking system, take over banks, take over car companies, dole out MY money to keep failing businesses afloat to lose more money, hire their crony friends who use to run failing businesses to oversee the failing businesses that got bailed out and pay them with MY money.

The politicians sit in their comfy offices, flying their private jets all over (how’s Rome Ms. Pelosi? I wasn’t aware that the Speaker of the House went on diplomatic missions to foreign countries, I thought that was Hillary’s new job) and point fingers at who is to blame and how something must be done to save us. Good lord, if this is saving us, then let me drown. I’m tired of being pulled out of the water only to be tossed back in each time one of your contributors needs a financial injection to live within the lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to. If you want to inject something then hire Dr. Kevorkian to put us all out of our misery... oh wait, that won’t work, because then there wouldn’t be anyone to toil and labor and give you our money.

For some odd reason I feel like drinking a cup of tea.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Let me get this straight: in that godforsaken country of yours you can't even buy a cafe latte for $6.08? You need to move to another country. Totally.