Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Is What Is Wrong With The World

I've been stewing about this for weeks and I just have to get it out there so maybe I can stop obsessing about it.

What do you think about this commercial?

Were you like all "awww, what a clever little gecko, he found a dollar bill on someone's desk and got some potato chips with it, how adorable?" If so, then F YOU!!!!

YOU are the very people that probably steal people's lunches out of the company fridge, or use someone else's non-dairy creamer because "its there". Regardless of what is running through your head (and if you do these things, then obviously you have NOTHING in your head) you are STEALING! You just don't take a buck off of someone's desk and buy potato chips with it (let alone offer one to the guy you stole the buck from) YOU LEAVE THE DOLLAR ON THE DESK YOU FREAKIN THIEF!

This is the very reason why I had to label my non-dairy creamer (the container I WORKED TO PAY FOR) as "breast milk" to keep thieves like you from using it so that when I went to get my coffee and find it EMPTY I wouldn't go postal and get fired. I also don't know what to think of people that would actually use something labeled "breast milk" until the container is empty you sick freaks!

Instead of thinking that the little lizard is cute and precocious for ripping off his boss, you should be thinking "gee, what kind of company has a thieving lizard as a spokes... thing, and if they think its fine to rip off the boss, then what are they doing with my insurance???"

Make your own sandwiches, if its not yours then don't take it, and for the love of gawd stop drinking stuff labeled breast milk. I bet you don't even wash your hands after you use the bathroom either.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Do NOT get me started on people like that. I have only bad bad words to say about them.

jen said...

they also cough and sneeze on the common computers and mouses, getting really huffy when i decide to clorox-wipe them down before using them so that i don't catch whatever plague they have.

(not that i have to do this daily or anything...)