Friday, February 27, 2009

General Ramblings of this week

I admit, I could only stomach about 10 minutes of the Presidential speech this week. It wasn't what was being said, but it was nauseating watching Nancy Pelosi leaping up every three seconds and applauding whatever it was that was being said. I couldn't even concentrate on what the President was saying because there she was, leaping up and clapping and smiling at every sentence. She looked oddly familiar, couldn't quite place it... it hit me a few days after the speech. Yep, that's it. The poor guy could have said "I have a cactus in my pants" and the trained seal would have jumped up and clapped at that.

I'm also a bit confused as to how an 800 billion dollar "stimulus" bill turned into 3 trillion dollars. Um... did I lapse into a coma and miss something? Do you think, perhaps, they could have left off that $1.8 million for studying swine odor? Well, maybe not, what with all the pigs in Washington, perhaps someone should investigate that, but while they're at it... make them stop spending my money.

I'm going to try the government method of making things better by spending money I don't have. Apparently if you spend a lot of money that you don't have, its fine and good for the economy. So, I might as well be happy with tangible items that I can't afford while my house value plummets.

In other news, apparently NASA (the shriekers of global warming) shot off a rocket that would circle the earth and measure man made C02. How they can sort out what is man made and what is natural... well, they are NASA, chock full of geniuses and all, I'm sure they have a way of determining that... well, they would have if the rocket hadn't failed and fell into the ocean. I wonder how much C02 was spewed out by that rocket blasting off into space, and how many coral reefs were damaged when it fell into the ocean and how many types of fishes were contaminated by the leftover fuels and toxic stuff on and in that rocket?

Let's also hand it to NASA's chief climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, for calling for civil disobedience during a March 2nd protest. Even his former co-workers have now started saying that he's a nutcase (as a lot of us have suspected) and are now claiming that his "research" is not only flawed... but it may be purposefully flawed. There's a news flash. Yeah, I'm all for doing things that don't pollute, and I'm all for not paying foreign countries for oil, but I'm really not for lining the pockets of "carbon offset" companies (owned by the ones screeching climate chaos) which is all a sham. Hey, climate chaos people... even if we're all nice and green here, what about China and those other polluting countries? Do you really think that we'll have a nice ozone and live comfortably here in the states while polluting countries will be really hot? Oops, nearly dropped one of my mercury laden "green" light bulbs, which means a call to the hazmat crew for cleanup.

Oh, and about that "climate chaos" thing... yeah, its really FREAKIN cold all over and snowing in places it never has been, so how convenient that ALGORE changed his battle cry from "global warming" to "climate chaos". ALGORE should be selling Shamwows.

Finally: Look, I can see Russian bombers from Canada.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Her outfit was a furry nice kholour green


Tracey and Huffle said...

I am not sorry Nancy lives in your country, not in mine.

Don't rant too much while I'm away.

Ronnie said...

Well like most Nazi's (republicians) you have a very narrow view of the world and lack any sence.The defict is 3 trillion because Bush who had not right to the be the president in the first place wasted most of it on killing innocent Iraqi's and their children.

Shmoo said...

Dear Ronnie,

Thank you for your enlightening comment. I'm very pleased that you managed to throw in every lame liberal rant in so few words:
1.) Republicans are Nazis (actually Nazis were socialist, and your use of the possessive is incorrect).
2.) Pointing out my lack of sense (please note the correct spelling) with no real argument for how I lack sense.
3.) Your rambling explanation for how the deficit (also misspelled) is 3 trillion because Mr. Bush won an election over 8 years ago that was disputed, the war in Iraq, which you contend kills innocent Iraqi's (Iraqi what? Once again, that pesky apostrophe has you confused) and their children. I'm quite surprised you didn't toss in that whole "war for oil" thing.

Just how long will liberals blame Mr. Bush for everything, especially when the current administrative (who are all former Clinton cronies... gee, that's a lot of change there) can't solve our woes by taking from the rich to give to the poor?

Everyone, please visit Ronnie's blog. He hasn't posted anything since October 2008, but I'm sure its entertaining. Feel free to spell check it as well.