Monday, January 19, 2009

Spice Rack Rant (Part 3)

I was totally amazed that someone actually commented on my blog about where to find the ultimate spice rack that was exactly what I was (sorta) looking for! First of all, I know of only a handful of people that actually read my ranting, but to have a total stranger in the spice rack industry find and comment and shamelessly plug their totally amazing, state of the art, spice rack was just too much for me to take... so I immediately ordered one.

Oh yeah, in two weeks this little beauty will be mine! Its an amazing self contained spice rack that has drawers that pull out and flop down so you can see your spices! It even comes with little adhesive sticky spice names so you can stick those on the drawer, and if you actually put the spices back where the correct sticky label is (I'll have to practice that) you can easily find the spice you want! I'm so stoked!

I actually ordered it, then went upstairs and figured that the above the stove cupboard would not be sufficient space for such a cool item, I'd need something a little lower (not only would there not be enough room for it, but I have this fear that spices will come tumbling onto my head when I pull the drawer out), so I cleaned out a shelf on the handy Ikea shelving unit that was cluttered with junk that shouldn't be there, moved all of my canned goods (hey! I had a can of spinach in there) to the shelving unit and now there's a handy space all ready for my new space age spice rack... why isn't it here already.

I really hope it works as the commenter said because I'm going to hate having to rant about how it doesn't on here, and dash the hopes of a small business, but I'm holding out hope that it is the most amazing spice rack (as advertised, or something like that, who reads web pages) and will do what I need it to do: hold my spices.

So, for those of you interested, here's the place to go. Of course you may want to wait until I get ahold of it and run it through its paces before shelling out $25 on it.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

I will be expecting a full report, with pictures.