Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spice Rack (part 4: now what do I bitch about)

If you (and when I mean "you" I mean the 2 readers of this blog) have been following along with the "spice rack saga"... you should really find a more exciting blog to read, I mean come on, if a spice rack is a saga...

Anyhoo, I ordered the "wonder" spice rack on the 19th, and the page said it took 2 weeks to ship, so I pretty much forgot all about it (much like I'll walk upstairs for coffee, go pee and come back downstairs without coffee), and went about my rather mundane, dull, boring, listless, heart wrenchingly bland life as usual, until this afternoon when I tripped over a box that had been left next to our door. I need to talk to the UPS guy about where he leaves those packages, or just outright sue them when I break something one of these days. "Hey, what's this?" I think in my head after screaming an obscenity out loud (and one of these days I'll be able to turn those two around so my neighbors don't fear me).

Yep, despite the gloom prediction of two whole weeks before spice nirvana, a mere 5 days after ordered, my "wonder" spice rack arrived. I doubt that my hinting of complaining and whining for two whole weeks had anything to do with the early arrival, but hey, if I think I'm all powerful and can fear a company to deliver early from blogging, let me live that lie, don't burst my power bubble.

Having hopes dashed on many a delivery, I've learned not to giggle with glee as I open boxes, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed, so no giggling with glee this time... until I opened it up and found exactly what was pictured on the Website, and it actually fit into the cupboard that I had cleared just for its arrival. So I giggled a bit.
The Spice Rack

Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, its from my iPhone, I was too lazy to go get a real camera (and please note how I rub it in that I have an iPhone and multiple cameras so casually).

Ok, so it fits, now will it hold all of my spices? Yep, it does! Then I had to take them all out again so alphabetize them (please note the correct spelling of alphabetize... its not alphabeticalize... pet peeve #237), then put the handy stickers on the shelves to identify where each of the spices was located. I was very pleased to see that the list of pre-printed spices were actually NORMAL spice names. No "crunchy spider legs", or "small bits of rat poop", or things like that, just Paprika and Cinnamon, stuff that normal people use but not found in spice racks that come with spices.

Note to potential buyers: remove the shelving paper from the cupboard you put this thing in or you'll have spices hurtling at your head when it tips over, at least I did. Once that crap was removed, the spice rack was very sturdy and a few test drawer openings proved it to be quite sturdy.
Spice Rack Open
Look at the pretty spices!

So, yep, it fits 18 normal sized regular store bought spices, and it'll fit more if you have those little half plastic container type spices (just stack them) and by gawd... I have nothing to bitch about anymore!

So, worth the $25? You betcha
Does it work? You betcha
Could you put it on a counter? Well, yeah, but it won't exactly hinge down correctly, but it would be doable, don't see why not if you want to be weird about it.
Recommend it? Sure, it does what it says, and frankly in today's marketing world, that's very strange for a product to say it'll do something and get it and it actually does what it says, so I wholeheartedly say that if you want a spice rack that doesn't come with spices and holds regular store bought spice bottles, go for it.

Purchase yours here, and tell them I sent you.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Shuddup about the iPhone already. And since I have multiple cameras too I don't care about that part.

I am delighted this spice rack saga is over, what are you going to complain about next though?

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I guess both of your readers have now chekhked in....

I sooooo love living life through furiends with iPhones!

Khyra's Mom
PeeEssWoo: Glad woo are what will woo biotch about?

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Well, where do I fit in ?? I must be readers #3, the one that lurks creepily :)

Glad the spice rack worked out - now we can all get some sleep :) hehe


Peg said...

Ohmygoodness!!! Something in the world lived up to the hype about it!! WOOHOOO!!!! Livergreat all around!!! Oh, and the furminator?? A bust except on one dog.

Kathleen said...

If only tripping over UPS boxes was my problem. One of my drivers (probably the one that I called in and reported for driving up into my yard to turn around, after already having screamed at him) sometimes (like a big heavy box) sets the box so that I can't open my door.