Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spice Rack (Part 2)

I spent way too much time and gas on Friday toodling around town looking for a spice rack in sub-zero temperatures. As I suspected, there were no non-spice spice racks to be found (you should always trust a google search).

Even the ones that had spices were hideous and took up WAAAY too much room, and of course, would only fit the containers that came with the stupid spice rack, so I would have to transfer bought spices into the containers, and deal with how to label those spices that I would never use but would want to put an alternate spice into, and it was just too much pressure.

I came home in abject disgust and picked up the current stupid spice rack and tossed it in the trash. That's when I realized that without that ghastly wooden merry-go-round of useless spices I had gobs of counter space now. Glorious working space, enough room for the dog bowls (yes, I put the dog bowls on my kitchen counters when I'm preparing their food, if you have a problem with that, don't eat anything I make), and just generally a lovely no clutter look about the counter top now. Hmmm.

So, I'm going to go with the no spice rack spice set up I currently have (spices thrown in the cabinet above the stove, where some spices get shoved to the back, never to be seen again unless I pull a chair over and climb up to look), and bask in the glory of having an uncluttered counter top. Of course, I'm totally intrigued by this spice "rack" set up (to the right). Isn't that kinda cool?

Oh sure, how would you label those (unless you had the cool medical printer that doctor offices use to label vials of blood and stuff) and cooking would take on a sort of "mad scientist" approach, sprinkling bits out of a test tube.

The biggest problem is the price. How do I justify spending $80 on a spice rack in this craphole economy... of course if I don't, then I could be labeled a traitor to the country, as it is our duty as citizens to spend money to stimulate the economy, and the adage of years gone by: If I don't go shopping, the terrorists win... but I shall be strong and resist... until I burn myself leaning against the stove reaching up to grab the paprika, then we'll see.


The Brat Pack said...

LOL..that's the damn spice rack my sister bought I told you about that I was trying to find the link to.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


No iSpice iRakhk?

Khyra's Mom

husky mom said...

Oh, it's so "lab chic"! Get some beakers for your latte while you're at it, why doncha. Go to a lab supply place, buy a test tube rack, test tubes, corks, and small funnel. You can print Avery labels from your printer. But where will you store the purchased spices from whence you fill these lovely tubes?? Hmm...

Lauren said...

Hello there. I don't usually comment on blogs, but I can't resist because I think I may have the perfect solution for you...

My father invented a spice rack called the SpiceStack that stores 18+ spice bottles from the grocery store (i.e. no transferring!) in your kitchen cabinet. Three drop-down drawers allow you to easily find and reach spices that get stored in the back of the cabinet - without actually having to reach back there! Check out our little invention at The price is nice at $24.95 with free S&H.

Good luck! Lauren Greenwood, President, SpiceStack Inc.