Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Short Rant

The other day I was driving and heard an interview with a tech person who had been testing the new and amazing Windows 7. The interviewer said something like "a lot of people complained that Vista required them to reboot a lot, how does Windows 7 compare to Vista?". The tech person actually said "Oh, well, that's one of the great things about Windows 7, it reboots a lot faster".

Um... gee, let me go out and buy that.

I'm also getting sick of all the back and forth about this new bailout bill. Sure, its full of pork, loaded with things that won't help the economy one bit, and will cost our great-great-grandchildren's children (except I won't have any of those, I'm sure I'll get penalized for that), but hey, the new administration says it'll work, so just vote it in and let's see about that. There's nothing that we peons can do or say to change anyone's mind anyway. I wrote my reps for the first bailout fiasco and received a lovely form letter that tried to explain to me why we needed the bailout bill and how wonderful it will be. I'm still waiting for wonderful, other than companies being able to buy cushy new corporate jets. Frankly, its a waste of time to write our representative. They'll only tell you why $14 Billion for babboon testical measuring grants will create jobs. So go for it, spend away.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Hmpf. Windows 7 sounds dodgy to me. Think I'll stick with my mac.

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

sup pup!

Well, as you know my dad is a goober-geek (i think thats how you bark it?)and of course is a pizza-tester (not to mention overweight on the account of all the pepsi and crisps that geeks eat) for mr goats's muckrosoft not sure of all the right words, but he says 7 is "evolutionary", not "revolutionary". Its vista 2, or what vista was supposed to be. It is good, its geared more towards productivity, and not so much tweakin of settings to get things to work. He still worries about how much it secretly tells new Bill, but so far so good (and thats what he said about vista until he found out about "killbits", which is basically the pc equivalent to "tilt" on a pinball machine, you can only bang on it so hard before it swallows your quarter and says "asta la vista doggy").

Having barked that, he definately agrees with Snoopervisor Huffle-Hoff, Mac is Wack! Even if Sir Stevy Of Jobbyland is not feelin too good, they still are the way to go.

Now the sad part, I was gonna translate this comment into jive on so all the kitties and pups in da hood and on da west syeeda could get the 411 on 7 too yo!, but gizoogle is not translatin so good now. If it comes back to life I will try again lata.

luv c$