Sunday, January 11, 2009

A quick rant

I saw this article just now that the “Safety Council” says to ban ALL cell phone use, including cell phone hands free use. They say that talking on a cell phone is dangerous because your mind is on the conversation and not on the road.

Um... are we to then ban conversing with the passengers in your car? After all, that would mean that you are concentrating on talking to your passengers and not on the road. What about singing to the radio? What next, turning the radio station, or perhaps a total ban on radios in cars, along with navigation devices and DVD players. I think windows are distracting, that whole rolling them up and down, so we should make cars that have windows that you can’t fiddle with when you drive.

Babies are a HUGE distraction, so I think that we have to ban babies from cars PERIOD!

When will “councils” and our “representatives” realize that stupid people do stupid things and passing laws to keep stupid people from doing stupid things only allows the stupid people to live longer and breed. We need to stop saving the stupid and stop forcing the non-stupid to deal with stupid laws that the stupid are only going to ignore.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

What about smoking in cars? That should be banned too, right?