Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Beginning, Except for a Small Glitch

On Tuesday we’ll see a new face take the helm of our country. The masses of people coming out to greet our new President is both awe inspiring and scary to me.

I welcome our new President, and I hope that his idealistic and fresh approach of motivation the American people to help themselves and help each other will get us out of this economic mess, this morally bankrupt mode of behavior, and put us on the path to becoming an even stronger country together.

Then I see articles like this, and I’m reminded that no matter who leads this country, no matter what great ideas they have, no matter what great intentions in that new leader’s heart... there’s the fat, bloated, professional politicians that will suck the very life blood from that leader and point the finger of blame when nothing changes and we’re cast into the dregs.

Its always been my contention (supported by our constitution) that the President has very little power when it comes to running our country. Congress and the Senate write the bills, pass the laws, and should our President not want to sign those bills and pass those laws, they just go ahead and do it anyway. They fill those bills and laws with pet projects (most likely paid for by special interests) and have removed the line item veto from the President. Good laws are filled with bloated money making schemes that only help those with the money to make sure they get passed. Bad laws are passed and good people get screwed.

Take for instance, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The intent is simple: ensure that products sold in the U.S. don’t contain anything harmful. The result is catastrophic in that it now requires anyone making anything for sale in the U.S. to provide expensive testing for each manufactured article, provide a ton of complicated paperwork to prove that each item does not contain a harmful thing, and each article manufactured has to include a certificate that states it passed these tests. While the intent is good (keep lead out of toys), the bill forgot to take into account the zillions of small U.S. owned businesses and stay at home people that manufacture everything from hair ribbons (using U.S. goods), to small home-based bakeries that can neither afford the $1,000 per item testing, nor should be required to if the products used in the manufacture of their goods were already certified. This, in effect, shuts down small businesses and stay at home types that rely on doing “crafty” things to help supplement meager work incomes.

Bake a cake for a cake sale for your child’s fund-raiser? Better get it tested, or else face fines and possibly jail.

So, getting back to the point of this rant, Ms. Pelosi thinks that Congress should do what our future President doesn’t want to do. Based on experience (you may recall the outpouring of human anguish and anger when Congress, then the Senate voted on the first bail-out bill... and passed it anyway), our new President may not even get a chance to shine, to bring to this country what he feels is the best way out of this economic slump... once again, Congress and Senate (please remember, most of the ones currently serving are the ones that caused this fiasco in the first place) will determine the country’s course of action.

Get out the hand-basket, and remember, point your fingers where it belongs: Congress and Senate... and when pointing, the middle finger is best used.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Sometimes the regulations are just too much.

We are watching with interest from afar to see how the new boy does.