Monday, January 05, 2009

Its a New Year, nothing new here

Which means filing all of last year’s crap that has collected. Sure, I could do it throughout the year and then I wouldn’t have a big stack of paper in my “out” box, but there’s one thing that I hate and that’s filing stuff. Ok, I hate cooking, laundry (specifically folding and putting clothes away), and vacuuming (still waiting for my replacement Dyson hose, by the way, not very happy about that, well, except that I can’t exactly vacuum without the hose unless I use the floor attachment, but still). All right, I don’t like to do much of anything, but filing just sucks.

To make matters worse (or at least more pathetic) is that the file cabinet is right next to my desk at chair level, so I have to (gasp) swivel in my chair and put stuff in the file cabinet. I think what stops me is that whole putting things in the right folders thing. That’s just way too much work.

So, I pondered ways to file that wouldn’t be like filing and I came up with the “accordion folder” method. Instead of files, I have an accordion folder with tabs that say “phones” and “credit cards” and “house”, general stuff. I can actually put the file on my lap and shove stuff in the general folder area. I’m pretty sure that in a month I’ll just shove a wad of paper in any ol folder area and be done with it, but for now, that’s my method.

I’ve also discovered that I’m not a slave to bulk toilet paper. We were running low, and if there’s one thing you should NEVER run out of, its toilet paper. We have kleenex, so there was that buffer, but when we got down to 2 rolls, I panicked and realized that kleenex just wasn’t the same, so off to Costco I went. I could have just stopped by a normal grocery store (since I had normal non-bulk things to buy), but the mere thought of getting just one regular package of 4 wasn’t enough of a buffer for me. I could have gotten one of the bigger 8 packs, but even that seemed inadequate. If I was going to get more than that at a regular grocery store, then why not go for the 6,000 roll pack at Costco. Since I was there already, I also got dishwashing liquid and a platter of shrimp, because you always need a platter of shrimp that feeds 100.

I hear that Chrysler reported that their sales were down 53% and they were stymied as to what would stimulate the economy enough to get their car sales back up to “normal” and make money. Um, how about making 53% less cars, you asshats?

Apparently part of the whole Obama plan to make more jobs is to create 600,000 new government jobs. If you think this is a good idea then I’d like to point out that government jobs are paid for by... um...YOUR TAX DOLLARS! I’m hoping to get one of these new jobs, and personally I would like to be the chocolate czar.

If you invest money with Scottrade, do you even wonder if your money would be better spent by a company that didn’t have the President of their company hovering over some random city in a helicopter eavesdropping on his clients?

As usual, I listen to the news all day at work to drown out the sounds of my pathetic keening and sometimes insane cackling laughter as I write. There are a few things that I hear that I will actually stop what I’m writing to pay attention to, and frankly this whole Illinois Senator thing is highly amusing for one reason only... and that is the word “taint”. Ok, you laugh when someone says it too, just admit it, so you should actually watch the news because every time that whole fiasco is mentioned (which would be about 45 minutes of every news hour), there are approximately 30 minutes of “taint”, “tainted”, “tainting” going on and I end up on the floor laughing and wetting myself each time. Who knew the news could be this funny!


Tracey and Huffle said...

I worry about your mental state sometimes. Really I do.

Nessa said...

bwahahahahaha someone said it the other day in person and I fell off my chair. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds that word HI-larious.