Thursday, January 08, 2009

Full Tilt Ramble

If you can’t buy the Shamwow in stores, then why are they selling them at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

A Snuggie is just a bathrobe turned backwards, and you don’t get ripped off by the company that sells them.

Just don’t buy any of that crap you see on tv. Eventually it gets sold in stores and you can see what crap it really is in person.

Apparently the media is all pissed off because bloggers and (gasp) Joe the Plumber are doing commentary and news reports. The gall! What, these people didn’t attend liberal, leftist, socialist high priced colleges to learn that you write “Senator” for Democrats and “Radical right conservative” for everyone else? How can they possibly control the general population and teach them that you have to push for “Global warming”... I mean “Climate Change” initiatives so that big-head ALGORE makes tons of money off of “carbon offesets”! I mean come on! We’re clearly in a warming trend here... sorta... ok, its really cold, but I’m sure that’s caused by humans too.

Just heard the President-elect Obama says that “soon it may be too late to save the economy”. HEY! Way to go on that blame deflection. Like milk, the economy expiration is stamped on 18 January 2009.

I hear the “new” stimulus amount is in the TRILLIONS. I have no idea how many zeros that is, nor do I care any more. I would like to suggest that if THIS new stimulus bailout doesn’t solve the economic woes, then Congress and the Senate should do what they’ve told the banks, insurance companies, and automakers... if they pass the new stimulus and it doesn’t solve the problems, they should quit their jobs not take ANY of the benefits or pay (aka: golden parachutes) they get when they leave office and they should go work at McDonalds. So... do we have a deal? Wanna get that bill through so quickly now? Yeah, didn’t’ think so.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

I can't conceive of how much a trillion dollars is either. It's a completely foreign concept to me.