Friday, January 25, 2008

Texas UFOs (aka: all this technology and nothing for YouTube?)

Back in the day when video cameras were these HUGE beasts that took 6,000 batteries and used that crappy reel to reel tape stuff, and cameras were just as archaic and used that “film” stuff and had to be developed, we seemed to have a LOT of UFO pictures and films coming out.

Sure, only the rich who could afford such fancy technology like a motion picture film camera could capture those elusive UFOs, yetis and exploding President’s brains, but still, UFO mania seemed to be all over with grainy pictures or film of strange lights in the sky.

Here we are now in the mondo technology state, where just about every cell phone has a camera and even video camera, everyone is a videographer, everyone is a walking iReporter and yet... no new tangible UFO evidence. I would think that with the entire population of the US walking around armed with cameras, that we’d be able to shoot a UFO every single day, and crystal clear UFO pictures.

Wasn’t there a place in Florida called Gulf Breeze that was suppose to be the hotbed of UFO activity, with those little space aliens whizzing through the skies on a daily basis? Funny how they knew the jig was up when everyone got their new camera phone and stopped zooming through the skies. Yeah, not so common now are they?

Recently there was a HUGE Texas UFO sighting, where apparently every resident in some small town witnessed an amazing light show and you’re telling me that NOBODY got that on film? Are you kidding me? UFOs are now smart enough to pick low income towns to do their whizzing and hovering because they know the residents can’t afford those fancy cell phones with a camera?

I did notice that Big Foot has moved to Mars though, so at least we don’t have to deal with grainy sightings of it any more.