Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The News and the War in Georgia

I have Fox news streaming at work. I have to listen to things when I write and the more mindless and annoying, the better, which is why I listen to Fox news. I tried listening to CNN Headline news, but that's just too annoying. I swear, they have a person read an hour's worth of news blurbs, then run that tape on a three hour loop until the next news reader puppet comes in and they do it all over again.

So, I was happily typing stupid technical documentation and listening to:
The Missing Orlando kid story (mom killed kid, mom stays mum, grandmom loon)
The War in Georgia
The body of bigfoot (which they kept teasing about, then showed a half assed blurry photo of something hairy in a big freezer)
The woman that bought a dress that was actually a shirt and got kicked out of a mall
The Osteen lawsuit trial (elbow to the boob = hemorrhoids and 10% of all earnings)

The big news, of course, was the Georgia war thing, with the Pres speaking, the Condi Rice speaking. After that, the puppet head news reader literally drooled with happiness about the interview with the 12 year old San Francisco girl who was visiting relatives in Georgia and barely escaped with her life from the horrors of the Russian military.

I hate the media. I think I've been pretty clear about that. Here is the typical media "interview"

The Fox puppet head (whose name is Shep or something, see right), gives this big long explanation of what he's been told happened. Then he asks the little girl what happened. She says that they were sitting around, then all hell breaks loose (ok, the 12 year old didn't say that), their cell phones didn't work, so they used one of those old fashion real phones to call her Uncle, they barely escaped and it was the Georgian army shooting and killing and the russians saved them. Um... what? Wait a minute... the media has been telling me all day (over and over and over) that the horrible russians were invading the poor innocent Georgia.

Fox puppet head then asks the Aunt what happened, and the Aunt confirms that the Georgian Army burned down her house and was killing people. Fox puppet head then announces (cutting off Aunt) that they HAD to go to a commercial... because seriously, we can't be having eye witnesses saying something different than what the standard party... I mean U.S. government ideology is, so we have to show the commercial about getting out from under tax debt for the 5,000 time and make money for the network.

So after we find out how to get out from under tax debt, and how to slather head on to stop a headache, we come back to Shep puppet head who tells the Aunt she has 30 seconds to say something, cuts her off when she starts saying the Georgians started the whole thing and his show is over.

Frankly, if I was a news person (but I can't be, because I have morals) and I heard someone say something different than what is being reported, I'd be all over asking them for more details and then checking it all out... but no, that's not what the media does. They'll show a reporter running away from a town because he was text messaged by the BBC saying "leave now" and show them leaving as a whole bunch of tanks pass by with the news puppet saying they are Russian tanks... but are they? He said they were, so we just believe him. We hear that Russia just attacked out of the blue because they want Georgia back (I'm guessing because of their kick ass Vidalia onions), and we believe them. But are they really telling us the whole story? Why aren't they interviewing eye witnesses? Why aren't they even talking to ANYONE?

Seems a bit fishy to me

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Tracey and Huffle said...

More importantly, stop sending your crappy news coverage over here! We have enough of our own crappy news coverage lol.