Saturday, August 02, 2008

It Makes the Brain Bubble

It doesn’t take much to make my brain bubble these past few weeks. Yes, I haven’t blogged in a while, that’s because after the whole Benadryl gulping poison ivy incident, I actually did catch a summer cold that really kicked my butt and threw me into bed for a few days doped up on whatever I could find in the medicine cabinet that would make the niagra falls raging out of my nose stop.

Last week was a blur, so I decided to catch up on some news. Hmm, random bus riders hacking the heads off of sleeping passengers, workers getting fired and going postal and shooting their former co-workers, anthrax scientists committing suicide... wow, where is a really good “feel good” story.

Well, there it is: Woman attempts to drive all summer on one tank of gas.

Ok, admirable, not only from a cost saving aspect, but she’s getting all that attention because of the “climate change” fanatics out there applauding her pluck and courage to downsize her life and save the earth (insert sarcastic laughter here).

Being the cynic that I am, and still hopped up on cold pills, before I even clicked on the link to read it, here was my spin of the “story”:

A stay at home mom who uses cloth diapers (which actually waste more water in their cleaning and are worse for the earth because of the detergents spewed into the ground than dumping crap-filled plastic diapers in a landfill) and walks to the grocery store with her re-usable grocery bags has sacrificed her daily drive to the mall where she walks with her children lashed into strollers with the rest of her non-working yuppie public breastfeeding moms in their goal to get better calves for summer skorts while talking trash about their friends over starbucks and a cinnabon.

Side rant here - why do people actually DRIVE to a mall to walk? Can’t they simply walk out of their front door and walk around the block? Must they actually drive to a mall? Sure, its nice and air conditioned there, but isn’t the whole purpose of walking to sweat a little and get exercise? And why is it that when I was lined up outside the Apple store for the new 3G iPhone, that a gaggle of old mall walkers actually cursed us for being in their “walking route”? Um, excuse me but I’m here supporting the stores that are in the mall by purchasing their wares, keeping them open for business, while you simply take up the air conditioning with your old, don’t flush the toilet every time you use it to save on water, reeking of perfume because your sense of smell died around the same time your sense of fashion did old person odor, so stop the tude old dude.

Anyhoo, I digress, back to driving all summer on one tank of gas woman. I was pleasantly surprised to read that miss save gas woman was actually a working person who was utilizing alternate modes of transportation in her bid to... well, I’m not sure exactly what the whole point of her trying to go all summer with only one tank of gas, since there were references to her being “green” but that she wasn’t a tree hugger by any stretch, and she wasn’t exactly trying to save money really, it was more like “hey, lets see if I can do it” so there really wasn’t a purpose to her doing it. It wasn’t as though she was going to lose her house if she didn’t cut out the gas consumption, or she was going hungry because of it, it was more like a “hey, I wonder if” thing... so she really had no reason other than just trying. Ok, sorta defeats the whole purpose of reason, but whatever... she’s trying... um, wait a minute... she’s mooching rides from her mother, and friends and borrowing cars.

Ok, so this is the problem I have with this story:
1.) if she were saving the earth, then it would be about her using earth friendly modes of transportation
2.) If it were about her saving money, then it would be about her finding ways to find cost effective public transportation, or alternate and cost effect modes of transportation like biking.

but its not about either of those things, its about someone that said “hey, I just want to do this, so I’ll mooch rides off of people, and use other people’s gas and blog about it and get semi famous in my local news which gets picked up by CNN who probably didn’t realize that it was a story about nothing really”. I mean seriously, I could use only 1 tank of gas for months if I quit my job, mooched rides off of people and had PeaPod deliver my food (shortly before the bank foreclosed on my house and sold all of my belongings), so big freakin deal about this chick.

P.S. I just went out and checked out her “blog” and apparently a lot of people gave her crap about mooching rides and using her mother’s car. Her blog sucks, btw, just my opinion. She says that saving gas isn’t a big deal, but what is different in her case is that she’s “writing about it”... apparently she needs to stay home more and check out the millions of energy saving blogs out there... moron.

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