Thursday, June 26, 2008

What chance do we have?

I felt that I needed to report back on the success of the “product” that I bought to control my totally out of control hair. I wanted to give it at least two tries because invariably I would rant and rave and shill this product on the first try, only to have it fail miserably the next day.

Hair is like that. I’ve noticed that hair requires constant change. It gets use to a certain shampoo and stops behaving, or it defies a cream rinse after a week. I truly believe that the stuff they use in salons is made from products that are not available to the general public, therefore your hair just sucks that crap up and looks wonderful. You buy gallons of the stuff they claim is what they used on your hair, but when you get home and try it out... same crappy frizzy hair, except now its cut in a hip fab style that you will never be able to recreate short of hiring a personal hairdresser.

So, yeah, the Nexxus expensive grocery store stuff actually does work, or at least its worked 2 days in a row, by next week I’ll have sprouted a squeeking red rubber nose to go with my frizzy bozo the clown do. (Please note, I didn't do that cartoon, but that's exactly what I felt like earlier this week)

Which leads me to Heather Locklear (you’re probably wondering how I got there, but you’ll see in a minute). Poor Heather checked herself into the looney bin because she’s “dealing with anxiety and depression”. Heather “the only reason T.J. Hooker stayed on the air for so long” Locklear is apparently depressed.

T.J. Hooker, now there was a classic show that had something for everyone. Heather Locklear, the babe for guys, Adrian Zmed, the babe magnet for the women, Bobby Darren, the babe magnet for women who liked older men (yum), and William Shatner... I really have no idea what his purpose was actually. I also have to point out that there is an actual Wikipedia post all about T.J. Hooker and once again have to sigh and wonder who on earth has the time to post a whole write up with links and pictures of T.J. Hooker. Shouldn't these people be working?

So, Heather “Melrose Place, Dynasty, rolling in residuals, married and divorced from losers, Locklear is depressed. Heather ”large amounts of dough for being the spokesperson for some hair color stuff when all along she had perfect hair and didn’t need any hair color stuff but made you think that if you bought that stuff you’d have hair like hers and not like bozo the clown“ Locklear probably had a bad hair day and needs some Nexxus ”product“ to cheer her up some.

She’s not getting mine, screw her.


Tracey and Huffle said...

I have tricked my hair by alternating the two types of hair "smoothing" (yeah right) serum I have each week. So far my dastardly plot is working but for how long... who can say?

Maybe Heather Locklear is depressed because no-one else measures up to her lofty standards.

Simcha said... hu-mom has very frizzy curly hair. She has always hated it. We live in Virginia so you can imagine what the heat does to it!

Her best trick is she bought a flat irons. She actually uses it so much she invested in a more expensive ionic flat iron that does the trick in no time. She puts this smoothing serum then uses the iron and boom! shiny straight silky hair that looks good in the humidity.


vicki said...

that is the best bozo pic ever.

of course even the flat iron can't tame my hair...