Monday, June 30, 2008

Straight Talk I'm paying for what???

Big news today, apparently John McCain will be flying in style in his new "Straight Talk Express" JET!

Wait a minute... is this why Mr. McCain wanted to use public campaign funding for his presidential bid? In case you weren't aware, this is the definition of public campaign funding:

"Public funding of Presidential elections means that qualified Presidential candidates receive federal government funds to pay for the valid expenses of their political campaigns in both the primary and general elections. National political parties also receive federal money for their national nominating conventions"

Did you catch that little "federal government funds" part. Yep, that would be taxpayer money that's going to people who run for federal office, and you are also paying for those wonderful conventions. So, congratulations, you just bought John McCain an airplane to fly around in.

Now, its not bad enough that he's flying around in his own designer airplane on your tax dollar, but he's also one to harp on the greenhouse gas, and suggesting helpful ways (like spending more of your money) to cut those emissions (like forcing you to ride a bike to work) while he gleefully jets around the U.S. and tries to convince us that he's for the people. Doesn't that seem a bit... stupid to you?

Frankly, all this back and forth about war records and who is and isn't qualified to be a President is getting to be a bit... ANNOYING. I think we need to vote for Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin for President and Vice President. They run a VERY successful company, one that people practically KILL others for the chance to work at. People LOVE working at Google, and why not, all those freebies, incentives, you can bring your pets to work, and you get rewarded for good work. I think they'd be great at running the country!

No more wars because their position is that if another company threatens them, they just make something even better than the threatening company and eventually run that company to ruin and then they buy them. Iran gets all snotty with us, we just buy up a bunch of little countries and do really cool things with them and people then hate Iran and just ignore them even if Iran starts trying really hard to do better and ends up creating something stupid and then everyone will just laugh at them.

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of politics, so lets vote GOOGLE for president and bring our dogs to work. At least we'd have fun and wouldn't have to pay for someone's private jet.


Tracey and Huffle said...

Yeah Google! Or Apple. They are my new favourites. I'm not sure if you're allowed to bring pets to work at Apple though.

vicki said...

McCain on a plane... has the beginnings of a dr.suess book