Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Not the freakin plumber, that’s for sure.

Yep, you guessed it, they called last night to tell us that the plumber (apparently they only have ONE plumber who either has a tremendous backlog of clients or you automatically get thrown to the end of the list) was running late. Would we mind if he came the next night.

Um, actually yes, how about you haul his ass to our house on Friday morning so I can sit all freakin day and wait for his ass to call and reschedule, but at least I’ll be off that day and not just getting off work and trying to juggle 14 things before he shows up (ahahahahaaa) and feeling all stressed about work the next day.

They were fine with that. Of course they’re fine with it, because they probably don’t even intend on putting it into their schedule and 7pm Friday I’ll be calling and get their patented and well practiced “oh, we’re sorry... insert lame excuse here”.

Ok, whatever.

So today we had some right nasty butt kicking storms. I was out looking at the clouds... ok, I was smoking, bite me, and it got DARK. It was like 8pm dark out there and it started to rain, so I ran inside. No sooner did I walk the 500 miles to my basement office (which looks amazingly enough like a humungous cubicle farm) and begin working on a ponderous document that is now all of 57 pages of fun filled crap, that the lights went out, so did my computer. Cursing ensues throughout said cubicle farm and luckily the emergency lights came on, or else there would have been injuries.

I’d like to point out that mere miliseconds before the lights and computers died, we all received a mass e-mailing that said: Tornado spotted... and that’s about as far as we all got when we were thrown into darkness. Oh, grand! We’ll be like those people that went into their basements to fix something and come back up to discover the entire world is dead! We stood around and discussed what fun we would have being the only survivors of the world in the dark until about 15 minutes later the lights came back on. We cursed.

Around the time I wandered back to my cubicle area to see if my work of technical writing art was eaten, they announced that only essential systems should be turned back on, all non-essential things had to be turned off. We.. being a contractor, I can’t think of anything that could be more non-essential than me (I’m pretty sure in the dictionary under contractor it says: “See: non-essential”) so I packed my crap up and left.

Unfortunately the world didn’t end, as a matter of fact they were all leaving the building like me and I was trapped in a horrible traffic back up, as nothing was working, not even the stop lights. It took me 45 minutes to drive 7 miles, but thankfully my house and most importantly my pups were fine.

We’re about to get another doozy of a storm... sigh. I JUST got all of the clocks back to the right time.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

The plumber thing isn't going well. I got that. You totally need my plumber (except, of course, he's in a whole other country). How are the pups coping with the storms? I'd imagine one in particular isn't very happy!