Sunday, June 15, 2008

In general

Its sunday night and, of course, I’m dreading going to work. The only good thing about going to work is that I got a new “planner” that I’m going to be trying out. Its an “At-A-Glance” bright red binder, normal paper sized, plenty of room to write in there all of the exciting appointments I have, meetings to attend, social engagements. Ok, who am I fooling, I really have no idea why I have a “planner” because my life consists of:

Monday through Thursday at noon I go home for puppy duty

That would be about it. I do have the once in a blue moon meeting, but I seriously don’t need this big impressive day planner thing to deal with that. A sticky note shoved in my bag would do probably. Its not like I’m such a social butterfly that I need something this cool looking to deal with all of the stuff I do (or actually don’t do). Granted, if I could bring my iPhone into where I work I wouldn’t need anything, but no, it sits out in the RAV baking because of restrictions.

Of course, now that I have my cool new sling bag (and the understanding of how that works) and a cool new dayplanner thing (complete with the type of cool notebook paper I love to doodle on) that means that I’ll need something to carry the cool new dayplanner in. Ok, don’t go leaping for the phone book looking for a handbag intervention place to come lock me in a room and scream at me about accessories, I already have a cool timbuk2 bag that I’ve been meaning to find a reason to use and this is the perfect opportunity.

So, at least I have sling bag and timbuk2 bag, and cool new planner to look forward to tomorrow at work. That’s at least something.

I just want to say that I’m saddened by the sudden passing of Tim Russert. My dad went in a similar fashion, and by that I mean quickly, not that he had just jetted back from Italy and was hosting a major tv show. I guess his passing and the fact that today is father’s day is a bit of a bum out for me, but ... was it really necessary to use the ENTIRE NBC news broadcast on friday to talk about Tim Russert? Is it a bit pompous of newscasters to think that the passing of a guy that read the news or asked questions of politicians is soooo important that they just throw all of the other news away to memorialize their friend and colleague? Floods, fires, tornados, death, and destruction all over the world... and none of that was mentioned because a newscaster died. Wouldn’t it have been more fitting if they had mentioned his passing briefly and then actually did what he loved to do most... THE NEWS?

NOBODY is so important in this world to preempt the goings on of the world. By not even doing the news, the only thing NBC proved was that there really is no need for the “big 3” nightly news shows. In this internet, 24 hour news, click, zip, world we live in, where just about everyone can access the news at the touch of a button on their cell phone, pda, computer, etc. do we REALLY need a half hour of snippets of news (and a special interest piece du jour) each day? I don’t think so, and neither does most of the population, based on the ratings of the “nightly news” broadcasts.

I doubt the “big 3” will figure it out, or admit to it if they already know.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

They will never admit to anything. Don't hold your breath.

I too have a planner that doesn't get used much although I do go to lots of meetings. I don't even have to do puppy duty!