Saturday, June 07, 2008

Icing on the cake

Ok, so there’s the waiting on the plumber fun-fest of this week.
There was the whole tornados all over our area thing this week.
There was the usual crap going on at work thing this week.
Then there was the ONLY bright spot of my week, which was the friday delivery of my new bag.

Friday morning (bright and early) my dogs decided that I really needed to get up at 6:30 am and be all active and productive. Ok, so I got up (because I preferred getting up to being stomped on by 70 lb dogs), and sat bleary-eyed in front of my laptop and hit refresh to track the delivery of my bag, while waiting for the plumber.

Around noon time, the bag arrived, but still no plumber. I was ok with that, as I would have time to try out my new bag (putting things in it, taking things out of it, wearing it around the house, looking at it in the mirror while I wore it... hey, I told you I was a bagaholic, you just didn’t take me that serious, did you?)

I feverishly open the bag that it came in... and pull out a fanny pack. A fanny pack? WTF???
Sure its the right manufacturer, and its the right color, its just not the bag I ordered, its a fanny pack. Who wears fanny packs nowadays except for old men on golf courses?

It took me about five minutes to ramp up into a good insane madness, and during that time I stomped around the kitchen, looked at the fanny pack, up-ended the plastic bag, looked for some sort of invoice that said “oh, here’s this complimentary fanny pack, your bag is still on the porch”, looked on the porch, stomped around the house uttering obscenities while the dogs scattered and made themselves disappear because they knew... hell hath no fury like a bagaholic receiving a fanny pack.

I called ebags, the customer service rep was very nice... until I launched into him with a clenched teeth here is what was suppose to happen when I opened the bag and then moving into a shrieking this is what I found when I opened the bag, into a what are you going to do to instantly transport what I ordered into my hands before I get into the car and drive to wherever your headquarters is and stuff this fanny pack into an uncomfortable place of the person responsible for botching my order.

Many apologies later, my order was researched, re-placed with the shipping charges credited to my card, expedited with no extra charge and we’ll get that bag out to you in about 5-10 business days. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME THAT’S EXPEDITED? Apparently that last screech caused someone in the warehouse to receive the red alarm sending them shrieking and racing around to locate my bag, throw it into a box and drive madly to UPS because its actually on the way now. Scheduled to arrive Tuesday... still not soon enough for me, but better than 2 weeks later like the rep said.

Once off the phone with ebags, I then called the plumber and did the same, explaining that I thought it was a bit ridiculous that I had to get this fix rescheduled five times because of some hapless plumbing fiasco. More apologies and explanations and the guy finally showed up at 1pm and fixed the thing.

I immediately ran out of the house when he was done and went mall surfing to find a cheap bag to placate me until mine actually arrived, but I was disgusted by the lack of viable bags they have. What is up with those smarmy cloth old lady pattern bags they have out now? Or the metallic gawdy things that hold nothing?

ok, thank you for sitting through that disjointed ranting.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Yeah what is it with those gaudy metallic things? Who buys those???